E bay is an electronic commerce corporation which is located in San Jose, California, which facilitates customer to customer and business to customer sales through its website. Customer involves themselves at eBay by first registering themselves to the site, after registering customers will be able to purchase the goods or products from the websites. After the customers have bought the rights, they will also have to post to their sites where they will also have to sell for other customers, when the second party customer purchases the goods there is a commission that is rewarded to the initial customer.

While amazon company is American multinational technology that is located in Seattle, Washington, that deals with electronic commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, among others. For a customer to enjoy goods from amazon company, he/she has to go to the amazon website and log into his/her account. The search for a product or goods of your choice once you have completed making your order you are taken where you have to include the shipping and billing information for a customer to receive the goods.

Craigslist is an American advertisement website with a section devoted to jobs, housing, items wanted, services, discussion forums, among others. It’s a website that allows the customer to post his/her classifieds and also participate in discussion forums; by becoming a member, a customer needs to create a valid email address.

Similarities of eBay, amazon, and craigslist are that both of them use a website to serve their customers; for a customer to become a member, he/she has to create an account with them.

Differences of both eBay, amazon, and craigslist are that they sell different products to their potential customers, and they have diverse founders (Greenwald 2013).
Several challenges are facing eBay; selling through mobile devices, various customers prefer to shop through apps and tablets. These activities have affected the eBay Company by reducing their revenue.

Since the emergence of PayPal came in that is transaction from a buyer to the seller online, it has influenced the number of customers that eBay had before, resulting in low sales realized.

eBay mitigation

E bay has come up with specific measures to make sure it retains its customers; eBay has sophisticated and upgraded their website to make sure that its meets the customer desires; eBay has also improved their good to meet their customer want, they have lower the prices of their products to relatively cheaper to be affordable, and also they upgraded their websites with unique notifications and software to alert the customers from scammers.

Advice from a senior consultant officer on how the three companies should improve in market
The companies should hire an auditor to come and speculate the business to identify where there is a weakness and also to investigate whether the staff is complying according to the rules and regulations of the company.

The companies should open various networks across the globe to grasp more customers to increase their sales and revenues.

There are several impacts of the cost of quality, that is, the ability for a phone to withstand extreme temperatures, which alters the normal functioning of the phone to malfunctioning, vibration, and stress may cause a dropped call on the phone. Some potential impacts on manufacturers as to why their phones are not selected in the market are that some phones spend so much time in the test phase that ultimately they never make it to the market because the cost of poor quality to the manufactures is high.

Six sigma is a powerful method that monitors and recommends possible problems on devices before an organization realizes any form of damages. Six sigma also contributes to quality output by incrementing improvement on a product, also used to improve supply chain procedures and escalate customer pleasure. The devices that do not meet these specific objectives are not selected to be sold to the customers

Diagram for six sigma processes

X-charts, R-charts, assignable causes of variation
The answer to this question is yes because of X-bar and R-charts their function to monitor the mean and a variety of a procedure based on the sample taken from the process at a given time. An assignable is suspected whenever the control charts show an out of control procedure (Riegelsberger et al.,2015).

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