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As a sports chaplain, the acronym S.L.L which stands for Stop-Look-Listen would be so fundamental in day to day operations. The adage would apply to my work as a sports chaplain in expressing God’s love and compassion in a more practical way. It helps me in stopping any other things that are not relevant and look for the most important things and listen to what God really requires and deliver a big heart with great focus on the bid to enhance the world of sporting. The concept ‘STOP’ is actually a role that a sports chaplain is tasked; which is assisting sportspersons cope with failure, stress and depression. They are tasked to ‘LOOK’ for possible ways of building ethical mentalities in sporting and this would improve the attitudes of sportsmen and women. They also ‘LISTEN’ to the sportspersons in times of need, challenges, or any form of cry that van take place during or after a game.
The concept of ministry is all about helping in shaping the attitude of humankind by making them understand that what they are going through is never permanent. Biblically, the concept of ministry comprises of not only God’s overall call to human beings to be servants and witnesses, and also on the other hand made personal or individual call to some people to be leaders among God’s people. The former is where Chaplains come in. The concept of ministry is built on the love of God, loving our neighbors as ourselves, forgiving others who might have wronged us, loving our enemies, repenting of sins and acknowledging the fact that Jesus is the Messiah and was granted the power to forgive others.
In essence, the ministry is all about people and not self-centered. Chaplains are appointed by God and as a result use their God focused authority and competence in leading and influencing those they serve spiritually. In applying the findings that are there in the concept of ministry as a sports chaplain leader, it would be fundamental to offer religious services and also facilitate the free exercise of religion of the members being served from other faith groups while at the same time offering care and counsel to everybody regardless of religious affiliations. In making the best out of the ministry, a sports chaplain would need to be in a position to ‘LISTEN’, provide care and attention and ‘LOOK’ to be there to those in need.

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