Difference Between Evidence-Based Practice And Research In Nursing
Evidence-based practice is different from research in many ways. It is mainly because this practice does not try to prove the available data or even try to find out new information about the patients and nursing practices. It involves using the available evidence to make the best experiences for the patients. It goes beyond the research and also means the preferences and the values of the nurses and the patients. It is the process of implementing the evidence on the patients.
On the other hand, research is the process of acquiring new knowledge based on a theory or proving the already available data. It mostly puts into use the systematic and scientific inventions using various methods to come into conclusions. For this activity to be valid, the exact sequential steps should be. All this is always acted upon already available data. Unlike in the evidence-based practice, the research is hard. It is because the evidence is in the evidence-based practice.
A research project is not considered an evidence-based intervention project. It is because there is no evidence of the research topic. In any case, the researcher goes into the field to work on the theory. He will have to come with the results at the end of the day. This, therefore, disqualifies it from being an evidence-based intervention project.
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