Nicholas waliaula
School of lingustics
12th april 2017

The world is a global village compared to early years. Most learning sessions and activities are now done online and computerized. With Computer- Assisted vocabulary learning; individuals from all ages have access to information, knowledge, and perfection in language and advancement in communication skills. The learning eases consultation
Marlise Horst, in education department center at Concordia University in Montreal is an assistant professor has totally focused her research on studying extensively on Computer-Assisted vocabulary learning analysis. His partner in the field is Tom Cobb, Associate in the Department de linguistique des langues in the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. He particularise in tool development for vocabulary learning and research. They came up with a review on dictionary computer- assisted vocabulary learning that was developed accompanied by Genie software.
The Genie software of the oxford dictionary is known to be of amazing technology amazingly easy to use. The language used is English hence every individual all round the world can access the software and read without any hesitation. Also Oxford Computer- Assisted vocabulary learning does not discriminate elderly or the young. It is easy to use by just double clicking the Genie icon. It thus saves on space on the screen very much .
To ensure learners engage on “ deep processing” when learning a new word certainly requires much more elaborate preparation of study materials( Horst,Cobb and Nicolae, 2005) which could become quite unwieldy. Oxford Computer- Assisted vocabulary learning uses simple English that is understandable, well explained that enables learners grasp new words easily. To obtain the word to be searched at the text, an individual is able to consult Genie in the manner of typing and entering using the mouse.
One of the methodology design used was learners examining two dictionaries, the Oxford English dictionary and another advanced level ESL learners’ larger dictionary design. The questionnaire given were to be completed fully based on the quiz that appear on Oxford Paper dictionary. The main aim for the questionnaires was to explore the provided questions and come up with information on the differences.
The observation of two learner provided a limited basis for generalization but gave a number of general intuition. One of the learner stated that the small dictionary could not lie flat. Although all learner were in intermediate ESL classes, both preferred an advanced larger level dictionary since it seems to have more word entries. The sense is right; the oxford Dictionary had only 40,000 entries. The technological LDOCE appeared to contain 106,000 entries. Other sources stated that some firms, individuals and organization focus target groups such as middle learners to offer the same entry number just like that of LDOCE. Longman’s Dictionary of American English offers 52,000 entries.
Genie software has interesting feature that neither users could notice the smart definitions characteristics. This method attempt to implement something that has for a very long time now seen long as the best boost of electronic activity of dictionary compiling. This enables learners effectively understand the need for the best computerized vocabulary learning without hesitation and conceptualize the words in their minds. The software also has the ability to change meaning as the learner commands it. This makes it effective.
Smart definition is efficiently proven has been among the most significant contributor in not only in research but also learner- oriented lexicography. Smart definition works when the reader moves the mouse to try to find a word in a sentence. Genies’ smart definition has the ability to directly find the text or phrasal verb by been able to use the text input. This makes work easier to the learner compared to paper dictionary.
More needs to be done to improve the genie software for computer- assisted vocabulary learning. The smart definition feature is said to appear like that of the early stages of development. Passing the mouse over either of the two words “prep” or “conj” may merely lead to the same meaning which users are able to read but not understand clearly on what approach is best to take and which not to take. Oxford will continue working with smart definition to ensure that the problem is fixed . Also, some pictures, illustration, words, and display in paper dictionary may differ to that of computerized version and the choice of omission doesn’t make any sense,
Oxford Computer- assisted technology is therefore the best tool for use compared to paper dictionary. Using computer as a technology is a good advantage in learners’ activity in compiling the dictionary. It is therefore not easy but the ESL dictionaries publishers are extremely committed to the venture and problems encountered now might be eliminated years to come.

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