Develop 2 short essays to describe how U.S. health care is financed.

2) Develop an essay on the evolution of the healthcare system in the U.S. from the early 1900 to the present day.

3) Describe on how to talk to patients about the cost of care within a framework of quality and overall value.

4) Write a short essay on the pros and cons of considering economic in the ethics of healthcare. ( Required essay)

5) Why are cost containment, managed waste, overtreatment, and health reform are issue of ethics? Give details and use ethics terminology.

6) Discuss the different types of hospitals, and give the strengths and limitations of each type in terms of mission.

7) Detail the political process in your state, including tangible suggestions for how to become involved. Include what state you are in.

8) Consider a recent experience in clinical practice. How would care be delivered more efficiently and cost-effectively? Describe the steps you could, as an individual nurse, take to make this happen.

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