This is a legal opinion for the purpose of paragraph (A) of part A (initial condition precedent) of schedule 1 (condition precedent) declination of license. It is issued by SRA Regulated solicitor counterparty as a law. My website raffle realm is all above board for advertising ,a competition website that does not need a gambling license. To: Facebook headquarters 1 Hawker way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. 14.08.2022Dear sir/ madamDeclination of gambling license relating to Raffle Realm IntroductionWe refer to the termination of license dated 14.08.2022 made by SRA regulated solicitor. Unless otherwise defined in this letter, terms and expression defined in the declination of license have the same meaning when used in this letter.This letter is provided pursuant to paragraph (A) of part A (initial condition precedent) of schedule 1 (condition precedent) to condition forming part in declination of gambling license.We have acted as a UK- based completion site where you answer a skilled based question to enter or use a free entry route so I do not need a gambling license. This may be relied upon only by Facebook and the SRA regulated solicitor license counterparty and may be used in connection of declination of license.The provision of this opinion is not to be taken as implying that we owe any duty of care to anyone other than our SRA regulated solicitors in relation to the declination of license. The provision of this opinion does not create or give rise to any Facebook page relationship between this firm SRA regulated solicitors.This letter sets out my opinion on certain matters of SRA regulated solicitors as applied to gambling. I express no opinion in licensing my website as it will affect or will be applied in jurisdiction other than gambling. I’ve not made any investigation of, and do not express any opinion, any other lawThis letter is to be governed by and construed in accordance to SRA regulation solicitors.For the purpose of this letter, we have examined:An executed copy of declination of license including different terms and condition of gambling incorporated into competition website.A copy of the certified SRA regulated solicitors, the certificate of Raffle realm competition website and the article of association between competition website and gambling.A copy of proof of the competition rules and regulation for advertising made on 13.08.2022, certified as true Raffle realm website is advertising skill- based game and does not need a license.for the purpose of this letter, we have carried out:a search at the register of companies in respect of SRA regulated solicitors on 14.08.2022 andsearch the central registry of website petition in respect of competition on 13.08.2022,Together the “searches”.We have made all due inquiries (detail can be given) and are satisfied that: the proof provide and given and authorized by competition rules and regulation for advertising as per paragraph 7(C) have not subsequently been amended, revoked, rescinded or superseded;No proposal for a license arrangement has been made, and no moratorium has been obtained, in relation to the SRA regulated solicitors under gambling rules and regulation act.The competition website rules and regulation has not given any notice in licensing the skill based advertising website.No application has been made or petition presented to a court, and no order has been made by a court, for the licensing of the skill- based game advertising and no step has been taken to make licensing compulsory in advertising website.No Facebook page for advertising skill-based game has gambling license and no case has been filled in relation to the licensing of the Facebook page made for advertising of skill-based game.No insolvency proceedings or analogous procedures have been commenced in any jurisdiction in relation to licensing advertising skill-based game or any of competition website; andAny restriction on licensing in the article of association of the SRA regulated solicitors will not be contravened by any entry into and performance of the For the purpose of this letter I’ve assumed the following (i) the information disclosed by the searches was complete, up to date and accurate as the date each was altered has not since then altered or added to and;(ii) the searches did not fail to disclose any information which they should have disclosed relevant for the purpose of this opinion;The raffle realm website has acted in good faith in relation to the approval of SRA regulated solicitorsOpinions Based on and the subject to the foregoing and subject to the reservations set out below here are opinion that are generatedRaffle realm is duly formed and validly existing under the SRA regulated solicitorsRaffle realm is regal and legit and has power to enter into and perform without licensewe have a question that is answered before they enter and that they have free postal route to enterReservation my reservations are as follows:we express no opinion to this letter as to validity, binding of enforceability of the rights of obligations of Raffle realm under the SRA regulated solicitorsThe searches are not conclusive as weather or not insolvency process for licensing the competition website. Therefore raffle realm does not need a license as we have a question that is answered before they enter and that they have free postal route to enterYours faithfully,

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