CSCI 3310 Database Design & Implementation
Phase I: Team Report:
The purpose of this assignment is to go through the process of fundamental database design documentation with pre-defined system.
1. Minimum requirements of the final work
1. Your design will be shown in class, including an explanation of your approach and analysis.
2. Your design must cover core business functions.
3. Your must include well defined attributes of each entity.
4. Your design must specify relationships, keys, and constraints of entities, use assumptions as needed and please specify clearly.
5. Use database design software to create ERD.
6. If not specified in this doc, everything else is open to interpretation, please consult with the instructor.
The recommendations for your final work:
1. I highly recommend using Oracle Database Modeler.
2. Brain storms and work collaboratively
3. Start early and use database design software

Assessment of the Database Design Doc
Each of the 10 elements above is worth 10 points. Your first database design doc should contain:
1. A working title
2. Analysis of functions supported by the business
3. Analyze requirements/constrains imposed by the problem
4. Functions supported by your design
5. Entities and it’s comments
6. Keys, and attributes and it’s comments
7. Defined relationships
8. Specified constraints

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