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Introduction 3
Plan 3
Overview of the scenario and problem definition 5
Identifying the selection criteria. 6
Description of a possible solution 7
Evaluation of the possible solution 7
1. Type of computer selection 7
2. Internet providers selection 7
3. Telephone system selection 7
4. Backup software selection 7
5. System training providers 7
6. Database software 8
Justification 9
Conclusion 10
References 11

Clothing has always been an essential industry in the United Kingdom. The wool trade was formerly responsible for 80% of all exports from the British Isles. The UK’s fashion business is now worth £26 billion and employs 800,000 people, making it the country’s largest creative industry. The fashion sector generates a significant profit for the global economy every year. It is one of the most important yet challenging industries, with hundreds of elements influencing it, including economic uncertainty and digital transformation. Many fashion manufacturers and retailers are under pressure to innovate while being cost-conscious in reaction to this new digital wave. Brands have begun to automate their fundamental product design, production, and supply chain processes in order to increase their time to market.
I have chosen a fictitious fashion retail business called Emmy Magneta based in the UK in this scenario. The company primarily targets young individuals of age 16 to 35. It sells casual and trendy outfits mainly for females. The company has 14 outlets and employees 200 individuals. Having been appointed as IT administrator, my role is to manage and ensure effective working of the telephone system as the company seeks to expand its open warehouse and outlets. The phone system is supposed to cover all aspects of the business, such as managing client inquiries, tackling ideal incoming calls. The company management offers € 125,000 to get the equipment. I ought to provide the equipment’s in details their arrangements and provide a report on the same.
I essentially plan to develop detailed and enhanced telephone communication channels to provide possible issues that might emerge while tackling the task. The main aim of the project is to tackle these criteria with minimal possibilities of failure. This is by covering the success criteria. As I embark on choosing the best system, referring to the framework with the possibility of success from the success criteria will be the reference point. After extensive research, I would result in the best ranking option arrangements for the telephone hardware and arrangements.
The emphasis will be placed on choosing an ideal option as the company will need the best solution to the communication and connection challenges. I will focus on the required areas to subdivide the financial plan with the intention of getting quality products rather than quantity for the provided project. Analysis, planning, and implementation of the ideal solution would take up to five weeks. The first week will be dedicated to the analysis and overview of the problem. This scenario would look into how far the outlets are placed and calculate what items would be needed to develop an ideal solution. The issue will be identified in this initial stage. We will create a success criterion over the second week and formulate possible solutions for the third and partially the fourth week. Finally, part of the fort and fifth week will be dedicated to evaluating and analyzing the chosen solution as we justify how ideal it is to be applied.

Overview of the scenario and problem definition
A UK-based Emmy Magneta fashion outlet appointed me as their IT administrator. Although the company is reputable and has had a lot of positive reviews, it has had an issue with communication. Communication to their clients as well as internal commu8nication. The company has 200 employees and 14 outlets, a warehouse, and its main office. They are planning on expanding globally with a brick-and-mortar presence in various countries. In order to effectively manage the business, the administration might be faced with a number of challenges. I particularly chose to tackle the pressing issue that is interface capacity with clients. Expanding and getting an ideal communication solution addresses the clients’ point of interest as well as arranges the capacity of the organization’s framework. Regarding the challenges, the budget might be inadequate as alongside installing an ideal communication line, there is a need to properly educate and train the employees, expand and develop software and internet facility capacity. Given the circumstances, there is a need to use the available resources to get the best outcome.
Identifying the selection criteria.
Using phones in the workplace can increase employee productivity, mobility, safety, and morale. Employees can use mobile devices to: improve customer service. Keep in touch with the office, customers, and vendors. Staff can utilize installations to keep updated, share ideas, and cooperate with both in-house and distant employees. The success criteria to select can be research conducted to fulfill the desired outcome necessary for the company. The success criteria for my task would be
i. Develop a cost budget in line with the funding provided to ensure the entire task is completed € 125,000
ii. Training staff so that they can be prepared to manage both inquires and sales calls that are inbound. The team of about 20 individuals from head office, warehouse, and the 14 outlets.
iii. Materials for the new phone system would be either branded or not. Components for the new phone system are essential. Using trusted brands can help in ensuring the offices are appropriately run.
iv. Ensuring security that is core to the company. This is because several deals have to do with payments. In addition, customer orders and managements are susceptible, hence making security our highest priority.
v. Having reliable and speedy internet as employees have to deal with various customer orders.
vi. A Reliable configuration is needed in the setup. This includes arrangements as inappropriate design can lead to unwanted outcomes.
vii. Have an increased storage space that will allow further utilization of information stored.
viii. Ensure there is backup so that valuable data can not be easily lost. This will keep the office functional and running
ix. Ensure the systems are easy to use without unnecessary hassles.
Description of a possible solution
For the best results possible, aspects and components of a computing system need to be carefully selected to produce the best possible results. A telephone system, operating systems, software, internet providers, methods of training, and backup of the system are components to be considered. The items are ranked according to their cost, storage, and reliability.
Evaluation of the possible solution
1. Type of computer selection
2. Internet providers selection
3. Telephone system selection
4. Backup software selection
5. System training providers
6. Database software

1. Item Reliability Storage Cost Option
Desktop 2 1 1 1st
Laptop 1 2 2 2nd
2. Provider Reliability Cost Speed Option
Plus net 1 1 2 1st
Virgin media 2 3 2 2nd
Sky Broadband 3 2 3 3rd
3. System supplier Reliability Cost Speed Option
Cisco 1 3 1 1st
BT 2 2 3 3rd
Mitel 3 1 2 2nd
4. Back Up Cost Performance Support Option
Genie timeline 1 4 1 2nd
Acronis True 3 2 3 3rd
Storage craft 4 1 1 1st
Paragon backup 2 3 4 4th
5. System training Cost Brand loyalty and trust Duration Option 1 2 3 2nd
NGC network 3 1 1 1st
Solution IP 2 3 2 3rd
6. Database Cost security Scalability Option
Mysql 1 3 3 3rd
Mytask helper 2 1 1 1st
Oracle 2 2 2 2nd

In evaluating the best possible solution, I chose the best companies with the necessary features to fulfill the requirements. The evaluation decided to adopt a desktop rather than a laptop, telephone system, trainers, backup, and service provider from the best in the market currently. While comparing those ranked 1sts were found to be suitable. In instances such as the desktop with higher storage and low cost was the favorite in the office and would be powered to fulfill the high-performance demands of the company. In comparing the internet providers, Plus net came as a much reliable and cheaper option than other internet providers. Cisco was the most reliable system provider that offered the most security on their networks. However, their prices were higher, but the project’s aim of the project s to get quality despite the costs. Amongst all software’s compared, StorageCraft came out the best. It has the potential to run background applications without interfering with the users’ interactions. They save storage by compressing backups. For the purposes of training, NGC was chosen as the choice provider since they are reliable providers offering full diagnostics and software upgrades. They provide the shortest response time of 3 hours, depending on how customized the contract is. MyTaskHelper is the chosen database that was cheap, secure, and trustworthy. It is the ideal solution needed to provide a backup facility, migration of data, and conversions. The total expenditure would be €90,304, with the remainder returned for utilization on other aspects of the organization. The final budget would be

Item Amount Quantity Total
Desktop €1,000 16 €16,000
Plus, net €517 16 € 8,272
Cisco €2490 16 €39,840
StorageCraft €599 16 €9,584
NGC network €420 16 €6,720
MyTaskHelper €618 16 €9,888
Net Totals €90,304
The report for Emmy Magneta’s computing issues has been concluded by selecting various hardware systems applicable to the organization’s telephone system. Implementation of the information can guide the fashion retail company into a practical organizational approach. It allows for the 14 outlets to manage the client inquires and sale calls without interruptions.

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