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The citizens' volunteer is a charitable activity where members of the society or public come out willingly, sacrificing their time and resources to help the underprivileged in the community by availing some essential services which government cannot provide. Do you think it is crucial for citizens to volunteer? ,yes it is vital because there are many things that Government cannot offer to the public, for example: keeping the environment clean, visiting the sick at hospitals, helping the needy in the society, participating in games and sports for them to raise money which will help particular needy group, participating in peace rallies, visiting the elderly, participating in Harambe’s ,donating blood for free in government hospitals and non-governmental organizations like red cross. Security provision, also some elite members of the society after completing their studies decides to volunteer in offering some services as a way of giving back to the nation.

Environmental clean-up day, it is vital to keep environment clean. This is because clean environment provides a conducive atmosphere for living, learning, and working. A clean environment also keeps some diseases at bay, there every member of the society should be responsible in maintaining our ecosystem by making it fresh. Many people in the world sacrifice their precious time to participate in cleaning the environment, through collection of litter and garbages that are scattered everywhere in the village and put it in the dust bins, others volunteers  in tree planting program, where they come together and plant trees in public schools or public land, all these activities keep our environment clean and conducive for people to live.

Citizens visit the sick at the hospital; citizen creates time and visits the sick at the hospital. Such visits made the patients feel wanted and loved as they are encouraged and given hope as this will provide them with the energy to fight back. The family members, the religious groups and the youths in our society sacrifices their time and visits the sick at hospitals, they went there and spend time together, pray together and share some encouragement as a family, they take some fruits and other goodies to them and enjoy together. This is very crucial to human beings as they volunteer to help the sick because no one chooses to be sick.

Helping the needy in the society; there are different classes in our community: the lower level, the middle class, and upper class, we cannot be all equal. The lower class, which is mainly the poor struggles to put food on the table, to find shelter, and to access education and other social amenities because almost all of them are jobless. So the well-wishers volunteer to provide for them, they volunteer to hire them as casual workers, they gave them food for free, others even volunteer to sponsor students who are pride, and they come from poor backgrounds to prevent: increased school dropouts, early marriages among ladies, child labor, drugs, and substance abuse, increased insecurity in the society.

They are participating in games and sports. Citizens volunteer to participate in games and sports like a marathon, for example in Kenya there are several companies like Safaricom that held games and sports with the aim of raising money to help the poor or the disadvantaged group in the society. People come and participate in the marathon, and those who win will be given the money which they will donate in assisting groups of members who are in dire need of help in terms of food, health, and education.  This volunteering is essential has it is helping the government in fighting: diseases, poverty, and illiteracy in the society hence helping to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor in the community.

Creating peace awareness for peaceful coexistence is essential in our societies among the communities. Some communities fight each other, and they fight over scarce resources, leadership, and tribalism. For example, some pastoral communities in Africa fight over pasture, revenge, and cattle rustling, which derail the development of a country. For peace to exist, some religious groups and elders’ , volunteers to take part in conflict resolution, others decided to go house to house educating them on importance of living in peace and harmony, living with one another in a brotherhood manner, and this will brings positive impact to our society at large.

Visiting the elderly in the society, the elderly is part of the community, and they should not be neglected because they act as a source of wisdom, blessings, and advice to the present and future churches and universities, the youth set aside specifics days and volunteer in visiting the elderly. They carry clothes to them, food and some money for them. They go there and help them in doing home chores like washing clothes and cooking, cleaning the house, other repairing house, tilling the land and many other activities. After those activities they spend time together with stories, then they sing and pray. this makes the elderly to feel loved and cared.

Participating in Harambe, Harambe is a Kenyan tradition of community self-help events meant to raise money for developmental activities. Such events are held with the aim of: building schools, hospitals, building bridges, raising school fees, and many more needs which government cannot finance. When there are such events, citizens volunteers and come together as one and raises money for development. During such events, people come and contributes what they have out of their hearts for the common good of the society while others pledges and promise to fulfill, a times politicians and upper-class individuals are also invited to give their vast contributions towards development.

Blood donations program, due to technological advancement in transport industry it has let to increase in accidents leading loss of many lives, or even some injuries let to loss of  a lot of blood, so it’s difficult for government to go collect blood in order for them to save lives of many who need it, therefore citizens have decided to be volunteering in donating blood for free in both non-governmental organizations like Red cross and also in Government hospital. This helps in saving the lives of many people. When you go to high schools, colleges, and universities, learners volunteer in donating blood to help those who are in dire need of the blood.

     Security provision, in our modern society, even after the advancement of CCTVs and security, there is still a lot of insecurity cases being reported daily. This implies that government security is not enough; it requires individual efforts to curb this menace that is a real threat to human life in pour societies. This had made citizens volunteer as each other’s brother’s keeper when a citizen noticed suspicious people, they report to the police or any security personnel for immediate investigation. When people are fighting citizens should not sit and watch, they separate them and reconcile. This is all about citizens volunteering for a better society to live harmoniously.

Giving back to society, they say when you educate a child, you teach the community. This means when you inform the child, he/she will come and be an inspiration to society by bringing the positive changes. After graduating many comes and work in different fields which includes: teaching in school before being absorbed by employing body, hospitals, planning for developmental activities in the society. They also volunteer by being a role model to other school going students, and they do things differently by acting as an agent of change, they are changing the faces of their families after being employed. They also volunteer in working for their motherland country where they were born and discouraging brain-drain, choosing to work for their country rather than going for massive salary in developed countries.

In a nutshell, it is clear that citizens volunteer program plays a vital role in our country and society, as it plays crucial roles which government may not be able to provide due lack of enough capital for example in: keeping our environment clean, visiting the sick at hospital, helping the needy in the society, participating in charity sports and games, participating in peace rallies and creating awareness on importance of peace, visiting the elderly in the community and helping them in doing some chores, participating in fundraisings aimed at improving infrastructures in the society, assist in providing security of each other in the nation and also some educated learners in the land acting as role models by volunteering in community activities and working in their motherland country.




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