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Bullies should be kicked out of school.
The often asked question is, why do teenagers often bully others? One of the reasons given is that bullying results due to a bad home environment. The verbal and physical abuse that they experienced at home is transferred to the school environment. While schools use punishment as a deterrence mechanism, however, kicking bullies out of school is the better option. Therefore, I will aim to justify the reason why kicking bullies out of school is the best over other options.
Firstly, while people sometimes refer to bullies as ignorant children, however, I refer to them as criminals. Why do they deserve such a nasty name? It is because they always steal their friend’s self-esteem and safety by causing them physical and emotional harm. Bullies indeed use all forms of attacks to vitiate their victims— they harass, terrorize, threaten, use verbal and sometimes physical abuses against the victims. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security is a very important component that should be addressed before an individual reaches the apex of the pyramid of success. Besides, there are some extreme situations where bullying may lead to the deaths of the victims. Someone may ask that are there is any evidence concerning the extreme effects of bullying? The answer is yes because a study conducted in Britain has already shown that 10 to 14 children die due to bullying. The results break my heart because they reveal that in many cases, the victims will remain silent until their emotional trauma becomes unbearable (Kim and Bernard, p. 133-154). So, what could be the best solution to this problem? The solution to kick bullies out of school is to reduce the risks of suicide and to ensure that children’s safety needs are well addressed.
Generally, why is throwing bullies out of school necessary? I have already illustrated that throwing bullies out of school will create a safe environment for children who yearn to achieve self-actualization in the future. It is necessary because we cannot sacrifice the future of many children at the expense of only one child.

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