Assignment 7 – Trident Flag Pole Problem

Problem : You have been hired by Trident Flag Pole Company to process flag pole orders. They charge $10 per foot for their pressure treated wood poles. They charge $15 per foot for their brushed aluminum poles and $25 per foot for their stainless steel poles. Customers order flag poles all day. At the end of the customer transaction they are told the cost of their order (flag poles, being patriotic are not taxed). Ad the end of the day they want a report that tells them the number of customers, the number of customers for each type, the number of feet for each type and the money collected for each type of pole. They also want to see the total amount of money collected all day. Below you will find test data that will show you the anticipated input and output for your solution.

(Important: Your program is keeping a running total of each type item, the person using this isn’t adding them up and just giving you the total at the end of the order. At the end of the order a receipt is provided that will show something similar to the following example information (the numbers here just represent “test” data, any number of items in each type can be purchased:

Rules for Trident Flag Poles:

  1. Customer can only purchase one pole at a time. If they want more than one they are treated as separate customers.
  2. Price per foot includes delivery and installation of the pole.
  3. Errors when the user types in the pole type must be tracked and trapped

The test data below is provided so you can test your solution using visual logic for your flowchart and html kit for your javascript. By providing you with examples of the type of input you could put into your program and what the resulting output would be. DO NOT use test data in you problem statement, flowchart or in your code. input
pole cost is output during each loop
First Loop: wood, 20: pole cost: $200.00
Second Loop: wood, 21: pole cost: $210.00
Third Loop: aluminum, 22: pole cost: $330.00
Fourth Loop: aluminum, 23: pole cost: $345.00
Fifth Loop: steel, 24: pole cost: $600.00
Sixth Loop: steel, 25: pole cost: $25.00

Number of Customers: 6
Number of wood poles sold: 2
Number of feet of wood poles: 41
Amount of money collected for wood poles: $410.00
Number of alum poles sold: 2
Number of feet of alum poles: 45
Amount of money collected for alum poles: $675.00
Number of steel poles sold: 2
Number of feet of steel poles: 49
Amount of money collected for steel poles: $1225.00
Total amount of money collected: $2310.00

You need to do the first step using a text editor, notepad++ is recommended. The second step is to test your solution using visual logic to create a flowchart and use the test data to test your solution. The last step is to create your solution in javaScript using html kit and again, use the test data to test your solution.

The problem statement:
Assumptions: (Scope and Constants)

You will be turning in three files for this assignment

  1. Text document with your problem statement.
  2. .emf file (picture files) with your flowchart solution. After you finish your flowchart you will click the View menu and choose, “create flowchart metafile”
  3. A .html file with your javaScript using html kit.
  4. DO NOT zip your files together when you upload them. They need to uploaded separately as three files.
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