Art and Community Cultural Transformation

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CCA’s mission is to develop an artist’s practice that culturally transforms their community through ingenuity and originality. In 500 words or less, tell us how your art reflects our values and may contribute to one or more of the following: community engagement, cultural innovation, or social and environmental responsibility.
As a Person of Color artist, I have interacted with many underrepresented communities that are looked down on as they are not seen as superior as other communities such as the whites. These communities are either assimilated by the huge cultures, and they end up forgetting their own culture. The others are seen as awkward people who hold to cultures and traditions that do not make sense. This has led to cultural erosion of the people, which is making many communities stagnate especially when it comes to the art industry. This has created a motive in me to create art that will represent the communities that have not been in the spotlight. Creating content that involves communities such as the Latins will help showcase the talents that people from these ethnic communities hold and how their culture influences their talents.
Original art that involves characters of the communities is a space that has not been explored yet, and holds a big potential once explored. By the look of things, the reason why some communities feel superior is because they are engaged in most of the arts that are created, and they are assigned the highest of roles in created arts such as movies. This has made it that; they cultures become exposed to other people especially the unrecognized communities who tend to see the other culture as better than theirs. This means that if these other communities were engaged and represented authentically in the original creation, they would be transformed. Pushing the world’s limits on proper and authentic representation is what drives me most as an artist.
In the recent years, there has been a rise in the representation of minors when it comes to the acting or the film industry. Several actors such as Issa Rae, Tyler Perry, Ryan Coogler, and Jordan Peel have proven that, it is possible for the minorities to make great actors and bring out art in its best form. Seeing this makes me feel motivated, and I know that it is possible to achieve the dream I have for my community just like the black queen is doing in her art life.

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