By far, the drafting of the declaration of independence document was focal! I find it most instrumental in the whole struggle towards independence. It formed the heart and soul of the revolution because it gave the American patriots fighting for freedom the will to break off from colonial rule. I would argue that the declaration of independence document helped general Washington hold a ragged militia into place before they became a disciplined fighting force. It is fascinating to notice there were loyalists of English rule among those who attended the meeting to draft the declaration of independence.
I’m awed by the realization that the biggest attack on New York city never occurred until the revolutionary war. A 400-ship naval fleet was intended to quell the rebel uprising. Burning a quarter of New York City in the 1770s was a heinous act of savagery. The British committed greedy actions to safeguard their fortune and dominant influence in America at the expense of others’ pain.
If anything, I think anyone could be amazed at the tactics used by revolutionary rebels to fight the war. However, the spying network and the methods of communication used were just out of their league in the late 70s. A pivotal spy ring in this development is Culper’s gang, who employ unreadable ink that can only be visible under liquid iron sulfate. One would call it genius because the ink was made from garlic acid. Thus rubbing the paper in iron sulfate would only reveal the scribbled message! Even more intriguing is the network communication chain, with the climax being Ann Smith’s laundry code that could be decoded by a sailor heading to Washington’s location.
I just realized the United States is the only country to win independence from the British in war! I now see why this great nation has its prestige, military prowess, and the majesty of freedom. Tearing through a war seasoned British force isn’t something anyone could expect given the circumstances. A strong-willed population must have made it possible. Hands off to more than 25,000 fallen heroes who gave up everything, even life, to give others a chance to be free.
I had to save my best awe for last. General Washington was undeniably an unmatched strategic decision-maker. There are so many instanced discussed in the video, but I will go over a few. For instance, employing guerrilla warfare and using American riffles with improved accuracy was focal to deterring the matching English army. Surprisingly, despite commanding an army of inexperienced soldiers, I would argue that he was the leader who thought ahead of his time, as he developed his army into a formidable force against the British. He even took the risk for inoculation practice saving many lives of his army in the forger valley. Coming to think of it, who comes out of winter, struggling with limited resources, hit by the worst smallpox breakout, and still leads an army to victory?

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