Historically, though various cultures clang with each other, some contribute to enabling a sound economy. For instance, the two documents are clear that individuals met to form European colonies in North America under various circumstances. They had different ideas, as explained in the two documents through their origin and some of the agreements which were settled together. According to the document letters from an American farmer (1782) letter 111 what is an American by J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, it is clear that people met to improve the economic status of the country (King 338). For instance, the documents state that the plants and hunger had taken a large portion of the area to the extent of mowing down. After some time and cooperation, plants in the country flourished, thus eradicating poverty and improvement of various industries.

On the other hand, Alexandre de Bartz, savages of several nations, are other documents that contain diverse outlooks and observations of the European colonies in North America. In the documents, Alexandre de Batz is more concerned with the colonial architecture of the territories (Sebastiani 87). Through his observation, he created various images of native life that comprised watercolour, where he applied his creativity and skills as a craftsman.

Nevertheless, despite the two-document having a diverse view of North America’s European colonies, there were some similarities. For instance, in his document, Alexandre concentrated on improving the mode of living by applying his skills to create weapons and shelters where individuals and animals could live. Hector dealt with improving the economic status, which could late eradicate starvation in the region (Grieve-Carlson 20). By comparing the two individuals, the European colonies in North America would feel and have the sight of being superior beings. Moreover, there would be an increase in a population where individuals acquire equal opportunities in relating with whites and blacks.

Question Two

Though theorists may settle agreements, they may differ in some areas concerning the immigration and naturalization of the state. According to the documents, there seem to be more similarities in the instance that can improve facilities for population growth. The United States population is created through successful measures of migration from individuals across every section of the world. Regarding theorist Crevecoeur, he found it worth working on the plants to evade hunger in the nation (Grieve-Carlson 20). Food availability is one of the significant contributors to population growth across the world. Therefore, most individuals will migrate to areas with plenty of food staff. Additionally, the availability of food contributes to an increase in labour.

Theorist Crevecoeur stroke the contributors of immigration of individuals. On the other hand, everyone across the world prefers better living standards and shelters. Through this, Benjamin Franklin observed some of the contributions that can facilitate an increase in humankind (Grieve-Carlson 20). In his analysis, he ascertained that the relationship between cheap labour and land in the United States contributed to the growing colonial population. People can market their goods efficiently, thus leading to a predictable population growth rate annually. Moreover, an increasing number of English settlers may facilitate the growth of the population. The union of different language groups in various parts of the country encourages the economy’s positive global reflection.

Furthermore, structure formulation may also contribute to the growth of a population in a particular area. As such, the structure accumulated in one section depicts positive economic states and thus high chances of survival through labour (Grieve-Carlson 20). According to the theorist, individuals were examined to perform better in a place where better structures are available.

Despite the different views and opinions of the two theorists, they also have a common approach to the population increase across the world. In this case, both had the target of improving the state of life of individuals from the colonial periods, thus increasing population growth (Doppen and Bahman 80). Through the increase of population, the two founded measures suitable for the immigrants, for instance, strengthening the relationship between them and the English settlers, increased labour sectors and much more. Generally, the theorist has worked hard to ascertain and improve the population of the united states as well as other states by creating a peaceful environment and equal opportunities for all.



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