The issue of advertising focuses on the importance of selling products or services to potential consumers within the local or international markets based on the size of the business or organization. In this case, marketers should use any form of advertisement as a way of ensuring that the underlying message focuses on the values of key customers, which play an essential role in leveraging the whole market place. The information contained in the advertisement should not only draw the attention of the consumers but should accomplish the aspect of providing the desired satisfaction in order to keep the businesses afloat. Management teams in organizations play a crucial role in ensuring that marketers use advertisements as the key to convey information regarding specific brands directly to consumers. While people view advertising as a way of relaying information about products or services, changes in the business environment have made everyone to view adverts as forms of art as opposed to forms of creating awareness.

Factors that Signify Advertisement as a Form of Art

The creativity involved in creating ads makes it an art although its intended purpose focuses on informing customers about the presence of specific products or services in the market. Indeed, the advertisement helps to foster interest in innovative activities regarding art and design, which enables firms to capture the attention of enormous audiences (, 2014). During the recent times, adverts have focused on issues of social change that influence the way individuals view progress in the rapidly developing marketplace. The transformations have necessitated the need to embrace the new trends of creating awareness and promoting creativity among marketers (, 2014). Today, adverts do not focus on serious issues to pass information but act as agents of social change so that consumers can view the different aspects of the messages relayed.

Currently, marketers use adverts that incorporate aspects of art to express the range of products or services in the market. In this respect, the ads should solve the unconventional and unappealing consumer behaviors in the market in order to encourage them to accept changes in products/services (, 2014). The concept of using actors or other ordinary people on advertisements shows that art plays an essential role in conveying messages to the masses. In addition, the use of graphics on adverts attracts the attention of consumers, which shows that creativity as part of art helps to convince the people. Indeed, the use of different colors, photos, typefaces, testimonies, and videos assist potential consumers to understand the nature of products/services on offer as was the case with weight watchers advertisement (, 2014). The creation of adverts in ways that can help customers to understand the world around them through expansion shows the level of creativity during their development.

Reasons Advertisements should be considered as an Art

Marketers use adverts to capture the attention of current and potential consumers. In this respect, the main purpose of developing an attractive ad is to create awareness about existing or new products or services in order to increase the overall sales volume (Andie, 2014). The process of selling becomes impossible if the target audience seems uninterested on the products on offer, hence the need to improvise and incorporate art on the adverts. In addition, the presentation of the advert can either improve or reduce sales since it determines how people perceive it. Irrespective of the need to incorporate art in the ad, the individuals responsible should pay attention to details to avoid missing significant information (Andie, 2014). An appealing advertisement convinces consumers to consider the products that appear in it as opposed to the others available in the market.

The issue of entertainment makes consumers view the products on the advert as important in their lives. Indeed, the aspect of entertainment helps customers to focus on the message and try to find reasons that make the products/services unique as compared to the others available in the market (Andie, 2014). Although the media runs adverts on television during “peak” times on many occasions, it should not interrupt the intended targets’ favorite programs. However, the ad can appear on several occasions but should not create problems to the viewer in order for it to appeal. As a way of ensuring that it attracts the attention of the viewer, it should incorporate creativity for amusement purposes. In most situations, due to the advert’s “use of art,” consumers can memorize the statements or songs used to convey specific messages (Andie, 2014). People rarely forget ads that contain entertaining statements or videos, which improves the overall sales volume of the products/services advertised.

The other issue involves changing marketing strategies in order to convince the target audience. In this respect, the use of persuasion plays an essential role in convincing potential customers to consider specific products/services over others in the market (Andie, 2014). For instance, the Coca-Cola Company used a music background in the first ever TV advertisement. Due to the company’s bold move, other firms adopted a similar strategy, which created stiff competition in order to outdo one another. However, the incorporation of art in adverts makes them relatable and sometimes demonstrates usage such as Intel Optane technology (Advice, 2017). The advertisement focuses on the process of building computers and processes of using them. As an animated ad, the firm demonstrates how Optane memory works (Advice, 2017). The process of developing ads requires everyone involved to understand the tastes and preferences of the target group.

Advertisement helps in the process of capturing and retaining customers. The procedures allow the development of ads designed to create a distinction (Gupta, 2015). Persuasive adverts play an essential role in convincing consumers to purchase the products/services and remain loyal for a long period. The use of art in the ads should help to convey the intended message and should create awareness of the presence of new products/services in the market and their use or purpose. For example, McDonald’s logo brightens up the freeways and conveys information about the products on offer. Equally, the logos also light up during the night so that all drivers and passengers can learn about the firm and goods offered (Creative Bloq Staff, 2019). Indeed, the art used in the advert draws the attention of the consumers. Passing the logos placed along the roads captures the customers’ minds and makes them aware of what McDonald’s offers. On the same note, the information contained on the ads informs potential consumers that the stores remain open day and night (Creative Bloq Staff, 2019). Firms devise different ways of incorporating art into adverts in order to create awareness.


Advertising focuses on the significance of selling products or services to potential consumers within the local or international markets based on the size of the business. The process of using ads involves the issue of appealing to customers, hence enterprises should develop adverts that appeal and meet the needs of the consumers. The use of clear and simple messages helps consumers to understand the information on the ads. Additionally, adverts should remain relatable and capable of capturing the minds of customers. Although ads increase the level of profits for firms, they should focus on convincing consumers of satisfaction. The use of art in adverts helps to retain customers in the long-run. Although people view advertising as a way of relaying information about products or services, changes in the business environment have made everyone to view them as forms of art as opposed to objects of creating awareness.






















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