The title A thousand Splendid Suns encompasses various aspects that are presented throughout the novel. These reasons can be depicted through the hardship that the character faces in different ways. These includes; the environmental condition of the scene which was unfavorably dry, the inhumane treatment that the locals faces in the surge of the Taliban, and the deaths that are witnessed during the bombardment of Kabul as seen to what accrued to the family of Laila. Other issues include those of forced marriage, as was the case with Mariam, the attributes of being given into a home for the being a girl, as was done to Aziza, and the lies that accrued with regards to Laila being cheated about the death of Tariq. In a conclusive approach it was clear that death was the ultimatum and most agonizing issue, as was the case with Mariam. These various unfortunate series of events are an indication of how hostile the situation was to Mariam as well as women in general to be raised in such a society that looks down upon them. 2. Mariam had been called “harami” by her own mother. The word bears the meaning of illegitimate. This aspect is always hurtful to a person who hails in a society that values patriarchy. This is seen that Mariam has an hidden curse owing to not having patronage and her father’s name. 3. Mariam and Laila are forced to endure aspects such as violence, discrimination, war, and poverty. Laila and Mariam underwent abuse that men around them and the Taliban caused. Also the issue of poverty is one of the main issues that the two characters had to go live with in endurance. 4 .
The most evidentiary aspect of the Taliban rule was the issue regarding discrimination against women which was witnessed when Laila wanted to visit Aziza. The aforemention scenario was not the case during the soviet rule. Women could transverse without having to be questioned or secluded. Also the rampant violence that led to the bombardment of Kabul were not evident during the soviet rule. Armed militia with doctrinal traits were not there during the soviet rule but under the Taliban, there was a huge disorder in the region and chaos erupted and made the city uninhabitable and some like Taliq had been forced to move out. Sammy.

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