5.0 Sales and Marketing Strategy
5.1 Marketing strategy approach
Emily Tea House’s marketing strategy will be to provide high quality, a warm customer’s experience, and a different taste than the usual. Customers will be reached through social media. This will be through various influencers of different age groups, who have a platform to reach out to potential customers, gain their attention, and provide exposure to our products.
5.2 Sales Maximization
The company will maximize its sales by providing proving fliers to consumers along with the town in the premise and pay for newspaper advertisements within the first two business months until target clientele is reached. It will also provide discount codes to the social media influencers for their reach to take advantage of.
5.3 Company products
In the morning and evening hours, Emily Tea House will serve hot drinks, loose and full leaf tea such as Teavana products of tea. During the day cold drinks such as fresh juices and Frappuccino beverages such as caramel, coffee, espresso, Caffe vanilla, and strawberry mocha, which will be served at any time of the day. All drinks will be provided with snacks such as fries as complimentary.
5.4 Different marketing approach
Emily Tea House will develop a loyal consumer base by using only organic produce to make its beverages and snacks. This will provide healthy great tasting beverages to the various target age groups, from young to old since nowadays people are careful about what they take and how it is benefiting their lives. Consumers will be able to specify their Frappuccino flavor and get to name their drink which will be used for future operations.
5.5 Anticipated buyer behavior
In the 21st century, consumer preference has shifted, as it is characterized by social and environmental influences such as healthy lifestyles. This company will be able to attract and maintain repeat customers by being able to fulfill their demands since its products will be of high quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
6.0 Competitor analysis
Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Direct Competitors Starbucks Coffee Costa Coffee Caffe Nero
Strengths Strong Brand Image
Extensive global supply chain The largest coffee chain in the UK
Widespread operations Cheaper prices in comparison to others
Have strong and intensive promotion campaigns
Weaknesses High price point
Lack of overly unique products Lack of Marketing and Advertising
High coffee prices Lack of distributed units in the UK

How loyal are consumers to your competitors or how easily will customers switch? Consumers will switch to customize the drinks of their choice, contrary to the same products Starbucks provides Due to the high prices it sells, most consumers will switch to save some coins, since our products will be cheaper compared to Costa’s Consumers will easily switch if our business is located near them since it will be convenient, and also, they will take advantage of our delivery.
What is their anticipated response to your entry into this market? Slightly threatened Slightly threatened Slightly threatened
What are your comparative advantages? Cheaper prices Effective marketing and advertising options Distribution across main cities in the UK

7.0 Operational Structure
Emily Tea House will be a beverage company serving cold and hot drinks; tea, fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, and snacks such as fries. The company’s mission is nurturing and inspiring the spirit of humans with a single person, single neighborhood, and a single cup at a time. It will operate in 10 different locations across the UK. The company will ensure that it distinguishes itself from other companies through quality, customer experience, and taste. With high competition in the beverage industry, the company’s marketing strategy is to process using strictly organic produce of the highest quality, use social media advantage in advertising and also provide delivery services for the convenience of the consumers anywhere within the locality of the business premises. Free delivery will be offered to consumers living within a five-mile radius. The company will also have an application to make the delivery option convenient, and through the application, the consumers can write their menu and customize their Frappuccino drink. I am confident that this is the most effective way due to safety measures on COVID-19 and consumption convenience. The key people in the business include;

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