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I made all the changes as recommended by the instructor. This is because on the cover page, I had not used the provided instruction, which I had to ensure that I use the template which was given. In other recommendations, I made the changes to make more sense in the sentences as well as removing and replacing the unwanted words in the sentences. Other changes made are in the figures to label them well and include a citation. Also, the table required well labeling and a citation which I did.


BLOCKCHAIN IN THE INTERNET OF THINGS Sharada Ventrapragada. University of Cumberland’s, ABSTRACT Blockchain is a list of records linked with cryptography and is resistant to data modification. Internet of things is an interrelated system with computer devices that support data transfer by use of the internet. Availability of network enables internet of things to transfer data without the help of human-to-human interaction. Since it was established, blockchain acted as public transaction ledger benefiting cryptocurrency bitcoin (Dziuba, 2018). In modern days, blockchain is used in the internet of things to enable automation of routine tasks. The interaction of people has…