Perform an Internet search of health care organizations (JOHNSON AND JOHNSON) Which is using at least two types of social media to achieve its goals. Write a two-page paper in APA format stating your findings (12pt; Times New Roman font). You don not need to include an abstract but you will need to include a reference page. Each review should include a description of the organization, the types of social media used, and how they are using it. One of your cited references must be content from week 3. You are being graded on group participation as well. If I do not see you contributing to the discussion, you will not receive a grade for this assignment.

We are using johnson and johnson. needs to provide two social media post with a description of the organization. how is the social media being used, type of social media, and including references.

Johnson and Johnson’s health care organization refers to one of the largest healthcare companies found in the world. It focuses on ensuring that there is better health improvement in different places for the people. It helps cover the gaps that the healthcare providers have left during the advance of the services provided. On the other hand, it helps in making the existing holes bolder through implementing new smatter approaches. Therefore, it means that the company makes sure that there is equality in providing better services to the patients.
The Johnson and Johnson organization uses different social media channels and focuses on creating better information, engages itself, and supports the community with the required information (Henke, Goetzel, McHugh, Isaac, 2011). As well, before posting any information on social media, they ensure. Thus, people will have to agree with their set policies and terms. That is, they must not cross or disobey the community guidelines. These will therefore ensure legal notices get communicated over the given social media. The need to post on social media is to inspire, support, and ensure that the community has a better view of the healthcare hazards. People from different parts of the world have to understand the heart of everything taking place over the organization. As a result, the success of the organization can get measured.
Additionally, the innovator’s team works together to ensure that they provide transformational and meaningful products through the use of social media platforms. It is because they work with global and local partners, thus ensuring equality in accessing critical solutions towards live-saving, patient’s curing, and prevention of disease spread. For example, Johnson and Johnson’s healthcare makes use of the Facebook platform to educate citizens on the dangers of a given condition. It also educates them on how it gets spread from one individual to another. As a result, people will tend to take the healthcare officers’ precaution measures and thus prevent disease spread.
The use of social media in the Johnson and Johnson healthcare organizations lead to improved awareness (Nash, Fabius, Skoufalos, Clarke, 2015). It is because social media acts as the primary key to improve public awareness about new and emerging healthcare concerns. Through the provision of trusted information over different social media platforms, Johnson and Johnson increases the way people perceive a given threat. Also, through social media, the organizations will provide the desired advice that helps overcome the spread of disease. Social media also acts in giving directions on where people can acquire.
Since social media spreads information quickly, diverse groups of individuals, Johnson and Johnson, ensure that policies are put in place. They make sure that all statements posted on social media platforms are real. They also use social media platforms to communicate crisis that spread over the world. Most people indeed get information through social media than in newspapers (Phillips, Malone, 2014). Therefore, the Johnson and Johnson organizations use the platforms to share breaking news about a given crisis. As the situation continues to develop, it is the organization’s work to keep on educating the citizens. It is because, during emergencies such as COVID-19, people tend to turn to the national government health officials for more updates. That will help them achieve better information and instructions on how to control the state. Therefore, it is a requirement that social media and healthcare officials work together to make effective communication to all members. They should share official status and restrictions over the crisis period.

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