The most interesting part of the story is when Walter reaches the hospital to see the millionaire banker Wellington in the hospital. He finds four doctors and a nurse working on the millionaire who is seriously ill at the operating table. Immediately the anesthetizer goes off and no one is able to fix. The nurse shouts, but Walter is there, and tells her to calm down. Walter immediately reaches to the machine and fingers a row of glistening dials, and the machine which was roaring just a few minutes ago was instantly repaired. His solution to the damaged piston was inserting fountain pen and the machine continued functioning. This is really brilliant and shows ingenuity. His action saved the life of the millionaire, as the anesthetizer stooped at a critical phase in the operating room.
Mrs. Mitty is very interesting character. She keeps reminding Walter of the basics. Walter keeps making mistakes like driving too fast, forgetting to carry things in their weekly trips to Waterbury. Mrs. Witty seems to have a very challenging relationship with Walter who seems to not care much about things. Also, his runs with the police also shows that he does not care to follow rules and confirm to the expectations. Mrs. Mitty is very concerned and organized, while Walter is carefree and not concerned about things. His had been looking for him while he was enjoying brandy with his friends also, his driving skills are very rough. He drives very fat scaring his wife. Walter is a very sociable man who enjoys his life and does not care breaking rules and running trouble with the law. he also tolerates his wife has unending errands. She keeps delaying Walter, and makes him wait for her in several occasions. An interesting marriage with a carefree man and a serious woman.

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