Volkswagen’s Strategy
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Volkswagen’s Strategy
Volkswagen invented a better strategy which will enhance their business in the automobile to develop, thus becoming the leaders in the current market. They adopted a unique approach that will make their business well known among many different countries, thus becoming popular worldwide. Their business primarily concentrated on environmental issues since it was a part of the quality production of their goods and the company’s management to beat the effective competition worldwide. The essence of this paper is to analyze the strategy put forward by the Volkswagen Company of automobile business in the year 2018.
The company had the key elements that enabled it to run effectively. These fundamental elements commence that different ideas and opportunities were to be developed and improved by making useful innovations for the company. The technology should be effectively be used to enhance the production of better and quality goods in the current market. This would help them in advertising their commodities, thus beating other nations competing with them. They used more of technology in designing their goods. This was to avoid grater consumption of fuel that was expensive, the capacity building of the engine, and to prevent pollution of the environment during production and manufacturing of their goods. Technology helped them in manufacturing and designing of new cars with better features.
Their strategy was not only on new model vehicles but also focused on tactics they will use in selling the manufactured vehicle. This was done by the employed workers being respectful to the customers, thus offering better services. They observed the needs of their customers; therefore, went forward by designing a business strategy that was universally that created business services and chances for the company development. They used another element in scanning the environment, which helped in the establishment in the stability and existence of the company. They also design portfolio investment which would help to improve the modest advantage hence constructing essential capabilities (Stieglitz, 2019). They lastly used principal points in marketing their business such as fiscal feasibility, taking projects that were not risky, and making unique vehicles in the current market.
The company has a different strategy in 2025 on inventing and manufacturing electric vehicles to prevent pollution of the environment. They want to do away with the fuel used cars. Their approach in 2025 includes the building of better managing network of the company. They are also interested in frequent improvement in the production of new model vehicles. This will be done by uniting their team of work, thus incorporating cultural skills for effective production of the company’s goods. This idea will prevent the emanation disgrace (Rhodes, 2016). This because the managerial focuses on balanced companies growth and business morals.
The significant issues that are overarching the visions in Volkswagen strategy of the year 2025 are customer loyalty. They are also looking forward to making their products to be environmentally friendly, thus providing better working conditions (Toma, 2019). They want the profit of their goods to increase despite the fierce competition. Lastly, they require business norms and values from their works which will be able to treat their customers with respect.
The company has placed significant measures to improve some areas of the business in the company. They have tried in transforming the industry to fit within our environment. They also are making better and quality products to attract their customers. Lastly, they have started predicting the future market needs and what the public is demanding, which helps the company not to collapse.
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