Visual Analysis
In the present competitive age, advertisements play a key role in attracting attention from the public. Many organizations target to increase the number of sales of their products from different target customers and markets. However, they encounter a major problem where they have to sell their products to people who are highly distracted and preoccupied by their daily activities. In order to capture their attention, marketers have to flash their products in a glossy fashion before the eyes of many target customers who will in turn gain interest to make a purchase. Success in this competitive arena depends on how well and alluringly an organization can get more clients to make a buying decision in their favor (Joshi 1). There are many products in the market which get advertised and this essay shall focus on shoes as products of advertisement. In the present world of fashion, shoes are highly sold. However, as is the nature of an open market, there are many shoe manufacturers trying to make their different brands of shoes known and sold. To succeed, many shoe manufacturers tend to create different advertisements for different designs of shoes they provide in the market. The goal of this visual analysis essay is to compare and contrast different features of advertisement images meant for different shoes which have been specifically tailored to attract customers with unique tastes in design.
Description of Advertisements
This visual analysis involves two advertisement images. The ads concern different shoe designs made by the same manufacturer, Nike. In the first image, trainer shoes are showcased. The shoes are grey in color with pink soles, and they are captioned in a context where a woman is training while wearing them. The text in the visual text in the advertisement reads “Make Yourself Fit.” At the bottom right of the image is another text which describes the quality and feel of the shoe once worn on the feet. The second image contains sneakers which are red and brown in color, with a white sole. The background of the image has the marvel superhero character known as ‘Ironman.’ The visual text reads “The Sneakers Makes the Man.” At the bottom of both images, a Nike logo can be seen.
Visual Analysis
Both images use shoe color to appeal to the target customers’ preferences. In the first image, a combination of grey and pink is used to appeal to the female customers’ preferences. Usually, many women are drawn to light colors such as pink, therefore, Nike anticipates that there will be a higher chance that women will be lured to buy the shoes. In the second image, a combination of colors red and brown have mainly been used to appeal to the superhero character ‘Ironman.’ With these colors, Nike suggests the association of the shoes with Ironman. Therefore, the target customers who will most likely buy the shoes are those who are Ironman fanatics.
Both images contain visual texts which have different meanings. The first image contains the words ‘Make Yourself Fit,” together with further details given on the bottom right of the image. The word ‘Fit’ appears with a different energizing font, with the goal of laying emphasis on the need to stay fit. Therefore, the advertisement will have a compelling effect on female customers who have the latent urge of staying fit. Additionally, the words on the bottom right highlight the degree of comfort which the customers will have while exercising, such as “…flexes and responds to your natural motion…” which appeals to women who would not want to incur injuries while exercising. The second image has visual text which suggest that by wearing the shoes, one would feel like Ironman. This elevates the ego of Ironman fans and increases their likelihood of buying the shoes.
The images have different background images. The first image showcases a woman in a gym tight wearing the shoes. This is meant to boost the ideal that the shoes are meant for women who work out in the gym. Upon seeing the image, the customers will imagine themselves being in the gym and having the same appearance as shown in the image as they proceed with their work out sessions. The second image has a fading image of Ironman. The fading effect is meant to boost the ideal of the shoes being associated with Ironman. The light on the chest and the eyes of Ironman are also meant to bring about the theatrical effects of the character, who would normally blast lasers from these parts of the ‘Iron suit’ while in combat. This further excites the potential customers who will have to fight the urge to resist buying the shoes.
In both images, the Nike logos have been positioned at the bottom part. The logos are placed such that they allow enough space for the shoes to be seen. Their isolated position is intended to signal to the potential customers that the shoes have been manufactured and designed by Nike. The effect of the logo is to further attract loyal customers to Nike products to buy both the trainer shoes in the first image and the Ironman sneakers in the second image.
To conclude, the features of the advertisement images have been specifically tailored to attract customers with unique tastes in design for Nike shoes. In particular, training shoes and Ironman sneakers, which are presented in both images, are expected to be sold in these advertisements. Both shoe designs have been presented fashionably and attractively, which is an illustration of the illustrious effort which Nike puts in marketing its shoe products in different market segments.

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