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The athlete Labour of femininity

1.      What do authors understand by “the athlete labour of femininity.”

Femininity is a set of attributes and behaviors that are associated with girls and women. This article will be, therefore based on the relationship between the female athletes, the consumer's culture, and that online fans engagement on Instagram. The athlete labour femininity is about presenting an appealing brand to the online fans that are per the desire of the market. According to the authors, the athlete labour of femininity is a way of comprehending the manners in which the elite sportswomen can be able to promote an authentic brand in the sports market locale (Toffolletti, 2018).

Moreover, athlete labour femininity can as well be viewed as an innovative theoretical framework made to account for the aesthetic job that the female athletes embark on online to brand themselves in the global market place. Besides, the athlete labour of femininity answers to the expectations of the consumers that women show a successful feminine prejudice trait by the ideas of personal choice, responsibility as well as self-management. The attentions of the online fans can be drawn by emphasizing on the issue of empowering femininity, celebrating hetero-sexiness and disclosing personal understandings as parts of crafting feminine sporting facade. Therefore, social media allows athletes to be able to produce and disseminate contents with global fans in ways that will enable the promotion of both media and sports.

2.      The author analyzes how five female athletes construct their brand on Instagram. Find a similar example (an athlete you are following) and discuss it.

Maria Sharapova

In spite of working hard, every athlete has the responsibility of making sure that his/ her brand is promoted. As much as winning and trending is essential, these athletes need to have their known brands as they are viewed as public figures. Brands can be created through the advertisement of sport wears such as Nikes, Vans as well as Adidas. Further, an athlete can as well improve her brand by being active on social media platforms. This will enable them to keep connecting with their fans at the same time listening to their advice. Through, they will be able to gain massive online followers and fans. Maria Sharapova is a great tennis icon who has made histories in many occasions.

Moreover, by being active on social media, Sharapova has gained massive followers. In 2017 she made headlines by when she partnered with the social channel and made a premium insider digital content that was to be given to fans directly through social media. This really promoted her brand as a lot of people globally were able to subscribe. In order to continue promoting her brand, Maria Sharapova formed a partnership with the sbe hotel. The tennis star premium was availed to the visitors staying at the sbe hotels. This hotel was later renamed as Sugarpova. Sharapova signed a 20-year deal with Nike when she was only 11 so that she markets the sportswear brand (Addicot, 2018). This type of contract can be regarded as two-way benefits. The company gets to be known by the millions of Sharapova's fans, and at the same time, Nike advertises her brand. Through this, Sharapova was able to flourish well in her sporting career. Besides, that year Nike revealed that it had doubled its profits at the same time Sharapova also was named by Forbes as not only the highest-paid athlete but also the most famous athlete. For this reason, brand is regarded as some of the most important aspect in the lives of the athletes.


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