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Technological trends in 21st century
The world is progressing in an amazing swift speed. The discussion on new trends that fall on the technology side has always been done. The discussions are always exciting as they are bound to make human activities much easier to execute. The question that lingers is how are people prepared for these technological trends that are about to happen in the future. Some of these trends have already begun and are being implemented. However, some of them are faced with ethical questions that are based on whether they should be utilized or not. However, some of the trends are bound to be of benefit to aspects in the economy of human beings. Some of the sectors to be impacted positively may include business, education, healthcare, energy just to mention a few. The most common trends that have been on discussion include self-driving cars, designer babies, cryogenics, GMOs just to mention a few (Grant). The question always remains will the new technological trends mean that it will solve the current world problems or it is bound to make the situation worse. This essay will seek to understand the benefits and demerits of technological trends that will happen in the future.
Background information
The world wakes up with information that is limitless and a lot for people and world leaders to consume. This is the reason why most of the people in different sectors and departments are unfamiliar with the future technological trends that will affect their sector and departments. The future trends in technology can be categorized into five broad categories. These categories can be named STEEP which is an acronym for society, technology, economics, ecology and politics (Miller). This categorization helps in coming with a nice plan on how each of the sectors in the world can be handled. Each of the sectors has some sort of technological advancements that help the country to move forward.
The trends are examined by checking for the timeframes. It is easier to understand how one aspect has progressed by either doing a comparison from period back in time against the current period. For instance, checking for housing prices from way back to the position at now. By doing so, one can see the current trend and forecast in the future. The future trends depend on data that has been retrieved from a qualified expert source. The future trends ought to be backed by data that is accurate. These trends mostly translate into technological advancements (Taeihagh and Lim). The technological advancements have already had an impact on some of the activities carried out by humans. They have already managed to change how humans buy, socialize, learn, grow, work, mate and manage our health. This advancement mainly originates from the revolution of the internet. The internet speeds are often high and quick which has ensured that processes get completed at a faster pace as compared to times in the past.
The internet is behind shaping the future market trends. This is because the continuous internet growth and advancements in technology have managed to make all the process move to online platforms. This means that people are now applying for jobs online, career development has moved online and more people are now using the platform to develop and learn new skills (Taeihagh and Lim). The future trends having different influences on the economy of the world have to be divided into the most common as per reports and researches. The developments are bound to increase in the year as more technological innovations are made. Below are discussed the common technological trends and how they affect and benefit the human and the globe at large.
IT trends in the future
Artificial intelligence is one of the most common technological advancements that has been researched extensively covering different aspects of life and the economy. According to a study published by Stanford University scientists, countries such as the United States of America will utilize artificial intelligence to make sure the public is safe. According to this future predictions, artificial intelligence will be important in helping reduce crimes as well as act as an assistant in court proceedings (Winograd). This future technological advancement has already begun being utilized. Some of the artificial intelligence has been utilized by forming the basis for the future. For instance, an appliance that has a smart home to speech recognition is one of the common artificial intelligence trends. This has also included aspects and features such as imitation of emotions.
New scientific invention such as robot that is almost performing as humans is important. The machine deep learning robot has been utilizing artificial intelligence. As the technological advancements continue, the innovators suggest that these modern innovations will be utilized in aiding family dentists and analytics in different spheres which help in simplifying data collection and processing. The benefits are vast but there exist some disadvantages that could mean harm for the humans (Davies). These include artificial intelligence can do something devastating. Now that artificial intelligence is being utilized in making robots that are to be used as weapons. These can be programmed by malicious people who could lead to mass casualties under command for such people. Also, the robots are designed in a way that it is extremely difficult to turn off which means that humans could lose control of such.
The other common disadvantage is that artificial intelligence is utilized to make advancements in technology which are beneficial but destructive to some extent. An example is the electric self-driving cars (capon and Paul). If given a command to take the fastest route, it will do so while violating traffic rules which could be dangerous to the occupants. Most often the robots are not designed to observe and wary about other aspects in the world. They are focused on the goal despite the challenges. This is dangerous.
Among other technological advancement is the use of voice and product search. Some reports indicate that some of the corporations are have already started rolling out these voice and visual search on their products. They have used artificial intelligence technology to understand and analyze the interests and needs of the consumers. This is one of the beneficial products of artificial intelligence. Business analyst has reported an increase up to 30% in revenue for the corporation in the trading platforms (Taeihagh and Lim).
More consumers are willing to make their purchase will in the comfort of their home or office and not necessary for having to go to the actual store. This trend has been utilized by the corporation who have invested in an online platform where the consumer can use to purchase and make order. The industry with the help of artificial intelligence has had an innovative idea that allows an individual approach to the buyer using the online platform (Keneally). For instance, the online store can display individually to the client the products that they wish to buy. This uses the previous consumer search results to recommended on new things that they should purchase all tailored to their preferences and taste.
Technological trends are not only being applied in the world of business. Some of the information technology trends have been implemented in the transport industries. Some of this innovation include logistics automation. Most companies are working towards making the supply chain process much leaner (Spector). This entails automating the process of cargo delivery. It is important to ensure that organization have flexible cargo delivery system that is lean and does not lead to wastage. Also, the automation of cars is among the trends that have been coined in the recent and are becoming more advanced by the day. Common brands that have incorporated the self-drive feature in cars include the tesla. Tesla has a modification that allows the driver to turn in autopilot mode while in the car. It is predicted that by the year 2030 the majority of the automobiles will be incorporated with the autopilot feature (Tegmark). The innovation is working round the clock to ensure that the car can be aware of the surroundings and ensure the safety of the occupants.
Other internet trends include mobile solutions. More people are connected to the internet through their devices such as mobile phones and computers. The most recent innovation in mobile service includes chatbots. More corporation that deals with mobile applications development are focusing on developing chatbots that will have human traits and can communicate and recognize human traits and emotions (Grant). The chatbot is bound to penetrate in all areas of communication in the future.
More universities and college have also incorporated technological trends in their education systems. This is done through the online classes and courses that students can enrol in and also take exams and graduate (Tegmark). It is causing a shift in the traditional way of doing things. Some are also creating apps that will help in learning which improves the way of doing things in the current world. All these are important and beneficial trends that are bound to change the way of doing things in the future.
Some concerns on artificial intelligence and technological trends have been raised. The common one includes safety when all the technological trends have been accomplished. For instance how safe is the automated cars. Are they safe from malicious hackers? The other common disadvantage includes unemployment. The more things are automated the less the human workforce is required (Tegmark). This is because the machines are much faster and efficient. They accomplish more and accurately than humans. An example would be the customer care service personnel job would be taken up by a chatbot. Liability of any accidents that involve the machine using artificial intelligence will be hard to figure out. For instance accidents in normal cars lead to the driver being held liable. Accidents in a man less car will not be easy to figure out (Winograd). Manufacturers of the vehicles could be held liable to a lot of different accidents. The liability law is not yet clear on the way forward in such matters. The other concern in the technological trends in privacy.
More people spend a lot of time on the internet. The print of activity while on the internet is stored and can be retrieved. This information can be obtained by malicious people to breach one privacy. Also, a common practice is the hackers who have started hacking TV and computers or any devices with video camera to spy on people (Winograd). This is information privacy risk that has not yet fully been addressed to avoid any further destructive activities. However, it is important to note that countries such as the United States of America and South Korea have enacted new legislation that protect information and data.
In conclusion, the artificial intelligence technological trend is among the trends that ensure humans activities are executed effectively and efficiently. New developments that are aimed at ensuring the benefits of artificial intelligence are achieved. However, the drawbacks and the discussion against the trends are also important to consider. Some of them include safety, cybersecurity, liability and privacy (Davies). The benefits include faster and efficient process, more accurate results and better and quick results in general. The fear and misconceptions that surround the artificial intelligence topic is important to consider as well.
Figure 1revenue of corporation using artificial intelligence

Figure 2 adoption of artificial intelligence
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