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Speech Outline Template

  1. Introduction
  2. A) Remote working is increasingly becoming essential in contemporary society. Various organizations, including our company, has adopted the approach to provide employees with flexible work schedule, more work and life balances, and timely delivery of organizational targets. However, the primary challenge facing remote working is the lack of effective collaboration tools for employee engagement. Research indicates that remote working should be backed by reliable collaboration tools that will enhance communication and engagement among the various team members (Halpin & Lockwood, 2019). Therefore, organizations should adopt the most cost-effective, reliable and flexible collaborative tool to facilitate employee engagement and efficient communication among the organization’s team players.
  3. B) This speech outlines aims to establish that the most efficient collaboration tool for remote working in our organization is the zoom conferencing tool. The tool ensures online collaboration among teams and video conferencing, thus promoting effective communication and flexible schedules and employee engagement.
  4. C) Main Points (1, 2 and 3).
  5. The use of zoom video conferencing as a collaboration tool leads to effective and timely communication among team players.
  6. Zoom video conferencing provides flexible and reliable work schedules and enhanced security features. Employees and various team players can engage in video conferences from the comfort of their houses and undisturbed without experiencing serious security breaches.
  7. Zoom Video conferencing is cost-effective, thus contributing to affordable ways of promoting employee engagement.
  8. Body
  9. Main point #: Zoom video conferencing as a collaboration tool leads to effective and timely communication among team players.
  10. Contemporary organizations across the globe have embraced the use of zoom to enhance timely and effective communication among various stakeholders. Besides, the communication app has equally been adopted by various government agencies to communicate and reach a wider population in real time. Archibald et al. (2019) establish that zoom video conference organizations improve communication in the workplace. The benefit is more significant to members and organizations that work remotely. That is because the app ensures that videos and audios from users are not distracting. Users can seek clarity through live chats, facilitating effective communication among team players.
  11. Additionally, zoom video conferencing ensures that users provide feedback and report and provide additional requirements where necessary. Business Insider (2020) argues that zoom supports sharing of progress data use of images, audio and explanations, which are vital in improving organizational progress. That promotes overall team understanding and implementation of evidence-based data and reports to make decisions that greatly benefit the organization’s progress.
  12. Main point #2 Zoom video conferencing provides flexible and reliable work schedules and enhanced security features.
  13. The zoom platform works fine on several devices. The platform is downloaded and installed on various devices that members of the organization can afford. As mentioned earlier, the platform is easy to use, making it easy for members to navigate and enjoy its flexibility. According to Naumoska (2021), the zoom platform ensures that 100 participants can participate in a zoom meeting for up to minutes. That implies that the organization will benefit significantly, as it can hold meetings on flexible and adjustable schedules.
  14. Additionally, the zoom platform has security features that protect the organization’s data from breaches. Security breaches arm organizations considerably. That is because data leakages lead to third parties’ unauthorized access to company data. The third parties use the data to the disadvantage of the mother organization. However, Halpin and Lockwood (2020) note that zoom platforms enhanced security features provide confidentiality, privacy and protection of companies’ most confidential information.
  15. Main point #3 Zoom Video conferencing is cost-effective, thus contributing to affordable ways of promoting employee engagement.
  16. The various zoom platforms are free and easily available online. That implies that the organization’s staff will incur no additional charges. According to Archibald et al. (2019), zoom platforms ensure that organizations save a significant amount of capital that can be used to advance other essential aspects of the organization. For instance, the saved amount can be used in team empowerment and providing performance-based rewards. That way, employee morale increases, leading to improved organizational performance.
  17. It is essential to note that zoom is a viable communication tool that promotes employee engagement. Business Insider (2020) argues that employee engagement enhances productivity, reduces employee turnover, and enhances customer satisfaction. Those benefits, among others, will make zoom platforms an appropriate and effective collaboration tool that will benefit our organization both short-term and long-term.

III. Conclusion

  1. Zoom platforms are significantly effective in promoting positive collaborations among the remote team.
  2. Main point 1: Using zoom will lead to effective and timely communication among the organization’s team players.
  3. Main point 2: Zoom platforms offer employees flexible and reliable work schedules. Besides, the platform has enhanced security features that protect the company’s confidential information from third-party breaches.
  4. Main point 3: Zoom platforms are free, with no purchases, saving the organization considerable resources. The resources can then be channeled to develop other organizational aspects such as employee empowerment, rewards and compensation.
  5. B) Purpose: The outline emphasizes the significance of adopting zoom video platforms in remote employee collaborations. Implementing the use of the video conferencing app will promote positive collaborations remotely.
  6. C) Memorable Conclusion: Overall, Zoon platforms will benefit the organization considerably. The earlier the collaboration tool is adopted, the faster the organization will address all the communication challenges facing the remote working environment. The strategy will promote employee engagement through effective, flexible and timely communication, save the additional organization costs since zoom is a free app and, most importantly, protect the company’s confidential data since zoom applications have enhanced security features.




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