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Causes and effects of fatherlessness
Growing up without a father causes truancy, poor academic performance, personality degradation and abuse of drugs and among children. It also has detrimental effects on a child as it could lead to a permanent change of the brain structure and produce very aggressive and stressed children. Children brought up by single mothers are exposed to high risks of mounting divergent behaviors such as abusing drugs or even dropping out of school. There are various causes and effects of this situation, and if not keenly looked into, it could lead to a lifetime danger to a child.
There are various causes of fatherlessness among multiple families, with the most common being; divorce following lack of commitment of spouses, unfaithfulness, and conflicts. Death is also a significant cause of this problem; there have also been cases of fathers abandoning their families following various issues. Children adopted by a single mother are also likely to get exposed to this situation. Parents should, therefore, ensure that their marriages are based on proper trust, respect, and good understanding. This will ensure that children do not fall victim to fatherlessness, making them suffer in their lives and future (Theodore, 100).
The results of fatherlessness on children are always disastrous and may cause lifetime problems for children. Firstly, children always diminish their personality as well as compromising their physical together with emotional security. Children whose fathers are not involved in their upbringing still feel abandoned; hence, they keep struggling with their emotions and personality to cope with various situations. Secondly, fatherless children always develop some behavioral issues. These behavior problems always arise since the victims have severe difficulties with making adjustments in their social lives. These children are thus more likely to report the challenges with their friendships and manifest their problems of behavior.
Thirdly, fatherless children are also likely to register absenteeism and poor performance in their academics. According to Lamb (99), 71 percent of dropouts in high school are fatherless; this is because these children are always exposed to more troubles in their academics, making them poorly perform in reading tests, mathematics, and thinking skills (Lamb, 99).
Fatherless children are always likely to engage in the abuse of drugs and alcohol. By engaging in drug abuse, many children have ended up being homeless or indulging in violent crimes, a situation that is likely to make them offend people and be imprisoned. Additionally, a sexual health problem is another problem that fatherless girls are exposed to. Many fatherless girls are exposed to the dangers of becoming teenage parents and contracting infections that are transmitted sexually; this situation has always made various ladies develop hatred for males. Fatherlessness is also associated with many other problems to children, such as developing mental disorders, physical health issues, increased early mortality, and hindering future relationships with males.
In conclusion, fathers play vital roles in raising children. Thus, they must make reasonable efforts to be involved in their children’s lives in more active ways. To achieve this, fathers need to establish a vision of fatherhood commitment with their children. They should also ensure that they positively speak to the children about their mother since it is essential to say one voice as the mother, such as on the desire, role, and position in the family.

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