Dynamics of Inferiority
Failure- Exposure to excessively critical or excessively demanding superior can make one feel inferior owing to their inability to meet set expectations or standards.
Example: My father has always been so demanding of me as a child. Growing up in an impoverished family with a dozen siblings, my father faced Signiant challenges in growing up and later raising his family. Consciously aware of the strive demanded of one to succeed in life my father was exceedingly hard on me as the first-born. Hardly did I get a complement from him regarding my academics or other related activity. My father always demanded to go through my exercise books or exam sheets evet week to check my progress. Elements of poor handwriting, careless work or poor performance were met with excessive verbal reprimands punctuated with verbal abuses ‘why are you this foolish’. Occasionally I earned more serious punishments. At such times I was not aware of the drive behind the strict and intolerant nature of my parent. I grew terrified of weekends and often gradually felt incompetent and inferior. At other times I was a victim of verbal intolerance as my father often felt that I poorly performed house chores and other related tasks. It was too late when I became conscious of my inherent sense of inferiority as I was for instance reluctant to take part in public speaking. I have since commence commenced therapy and I look forward to recovering from my inferiority complex and its resultant depression.
Application: In the illustration above, my father has unconsciously driven me to develop believes of incompetence. As a result I have develop inferiority complex and depression.

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