The project will accomplish three objectives, which will address the key health issues of Baltimore City. In addressing the issue of STIs, the project will accomplish three short-term and one long-term objective. The primary short-term goal is to ensure that all individuals within Baltimore City are educated about safe practices and STDs. The intermediate goal is also essential to reducing the spread of STIs as it will help individuals identify an infection and treat it accordingly. It is safe to say that if individuals are able to take a test for an STD and know when they have been infected, they will be able to get tested when needed for treatment. The long-term goal is for all individuals in Baltimore City to be tested for an STI when needed and treated accordingly. The project will strongly focus on educating adolescents because their health behaviors are key drivers in the problem of STIs. Baltimore City is a largely youthful community with a high number of individuals in the 15-24 year old age group. The project will educate adolescents on the risks of STIs, how to reduce their risk, and provide them with condoms to reduce the spread of an STD.

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