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SearchEssayhelp.com is an academic repository and not an essay help service or an essay mill service. SearchEssayHelp offers academic writers, article writers, and freelancers an opportunity to create an internet presence, a portfolio, and pitch for clients. SearchEssayhelp.com does not offer essay help services. It is the users of the website who offer those service and so the contract is between the customer and the writer or expert.

Why Do I need SearchEssayHelp.com?

  • Searchessayhelp.com brings together the efforts of many freelancers hence increased marketing effort. If a writer does Economics and attracts a customer to the site through their social media post shares but the customer needs an Engineering expert, on the site the customer will check for engineering experts and choose them. This way, the effort of someone benefits another person. This is better than struggling on your own.
  • SearchEssayhelp.com helps you avoid paying monthly/annual hosting and domain renewal fees, paying a web developer to create a site for you. This will cost you about $500. Having a website is not enough, you need content and proper marketing. Many people have started similar websites but failed because their content from old essays is not enough, marketing the sites is challenging, and site maintenance is costly. So, they quit even before they recover the $500. The idea of owning a website sounds lucrative that it will help you get lots of clients but that’s not always the case. You have to do proper marketing.

Someone will say, I can create a free WordPress Blog or Google Site, etc. and use it. The problem is that the features are limited, you are using a free domain like essayexpert.wordpress.com, no contact us feature, no order placement feature etc. A free domain is a red flag to internet users. They need to see a premium domain and https.

  • With Searchessayhelp.com you join an army of 1000+ users sharing posts on social media, trending hashtags and keywords, receive tips on how to pitch for clients.
  • Search Essay Help offers you a chance to create a brand. When you meet a potential customer, they will need to see your past work and confirm that you are real. With your SearchEssayhelp.com portfolio, potential customers can view your work and get convinced that you can deliver.
  • On a Daily basis, a notification is sent to subscribers, notifications of all published posts. So, if a potential client will always see the notification, view it and even share with friends and classmates. They like you work, visit your profile and contact you.
  • With Search Essay Help you will get marketed on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter for Business, Instagram, and Pinterest for free.

Fast Forward

  • You need a social media brand. Create a professional Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn profiles with the username and identity you use as a freelancer. For example, topwriter, professionalfreelancer etc. Clients are always worried about being scammed. So you must be as real as possible.
  • A social media profile makes you more real hence customer is more likely to contact and offer you a task. Differentiates you from a bot and a real person.
  • SearchEssayhelp.com will only be used to upload old essays and assignment instructions. Do Not upload copyrighted content or assignments that have not been graded.
  • The more you share your posts on social media the higher the likelihood of getting clients.
  • On a Daily Basis, join us on social media platforms with the commonly used hashtags and corresponding keywords
  1. Tags: #searchessayhelp #Essays #Essay #Dissertation #assignmenthelp #assignment #Researchpaper #homeworkhelp #Fiverr #quizlet #Courshero #Chegg #FiverrPro #Thesis #collegememes #collegehumor etc.
  2. Keywords: essays, Essay, homework, homeworkslave, homeworkhelp, research paper, online course, assignment, assignments, etc.
  3. Add your Searchessayhelp.com post links on your Tweets, Facebook Posts, Tumblr Posts etc.
  4. Check for Trending hashtags and keywords in UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. and use them. To do this, change your Twitter Trends location.
  5. Use USA, UK, Canada, Australia political hashtags and keywords like #Trump2020 #JoeBiden2020 etc. If you join #SearchEssayHelp you will easily find the trending hashtags and keywords that we will be using
  6. Do this between 2am and 6am, 2pm and 10pm. This is because of different time zones. During these times, most people in USA, UK, Australia, Canada are either desperately looking for homework, article help, on their lunchbreak, on social media hence more likely to see your post.
  7. Ensure you open your Twitter such that anyone can message you. This makes it easier for customers to DM you. Also, DM customers who post about needing assignment help.
  8. Warning: Do NOT be spammy! Twitter will log you out. 30-50 Tweets per day are enough. DO NOT forget to include your SearchEssayHelp.com post links or profile link.
  • With Searchessayhelp.com, it offers you a chance to earn from old essays. If a customer purchases your solution or access to your article, you will earn 90% of the $1.99 – $4.99 the customer will pay depending on the quality of your work and length. That only happens when a customer has liked your solution and wants to access it fully.
  • You are encouraged to share your articles on social media and other internet platforms to gain customer leads. The more you share your posts, the higher the likelihood of your solution being purchased, and the higher the chances of clients requesting for custom solutions.

An example of a Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter post should look like this.

Need Essay or #HomeworkHelp Help? Quality work, timely delivery, reliable & available at affordable price? DM us @username (where username is your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook etc. DM us is always trending keyword so I encourage you to use it). View free Essays, assignment solutions here searchessayhelp.com/profile or post link. #Dissertation #researchpaper #quizlet


The above social media post sample is convincing. Tells the customer that they will get quality work at affordable price, and that you are reliable, available. Customers want quality work at affordable price. But they also want you to be available and reliable. Not someone who will disappear on deadline or give excuses when asked to do revisions, submits work late etc.

You will have also used Trending Keywords like Essays, assignment, and DM Us. You have used Trending hashtags like quizlet, researchpaper, dissertation and Homeworkhelp. This way, customers using the hashtags can easily see your post and contact you or click your SearchEssayhelp.com link that you shared.

Noted: Do Not use too many and different hashtags on posts. Twitter might mistake you for spam. This is only for Twitter posts. Elsewhere, it is okay.

Crazy Idea: Create a Tinder Profile for academic writing and include your social media profile username, SearchEsayhelp name. During account creation select your location to USA, UK, Canada or Australia. Or pay the monthly fee to be able to switch through multiple locations. Put the maximum within location on Tinder to be visible over a wide area, coverage. Use catchy picture quotes that you add on your Tinder Profile like “Do Not let homework stop you from meeting your Tinder match or Date. Let us @username handle your work.” Or “Date Night but you have an assignment due? We can help. Contact us @username” . Username is your SearchEssayhelp.com and Social medial freelancer brand name. Users within those 50 or 100km you set will see your profile and check your social media or Search Essay help portfolio. Bingo! A potential client.

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