Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Passage Answers PART 1 Question 1 Kellogg introduces the viewpoint that he aims to refute by first pointing out what is already known. He first gives a newspaper except that ultimately justifies his claim. The newspaper except is not only contradicting his opinion but it is entertaining as well. He provides a perspective that would have not been clearly brought out if the topic was intr9oduced differently. The author’s creativity in this case has made it easy for the reader to identify the passage objective. In addition, this approach has been useful in attracting and keeping the a6ttention of the reader. While the normal may not be as effective as the normal approach as far as being quoted or classified as a credible research is concerned, this article has achieved the intended objective. Question 2 Virchow is one of the greatest scientists ever known and justifies his preference for vegetarianism with factual scientific research. His claims have been justified through clinical observations and laboratory research in the field of nutrition science. While research shows there is considerable health benefits attached to the consumption of plant based diets, the same cannot be said about meant products. Meat products contain fats that are highly concentrated with cholesterol. Excessive cholesterol consumption can be fatal go the body. Question 3 Professor Cannon is a Harvard researcher who demonstrated through experiments that meats stay in the stomach much longer than farinaceous foods. Fat meats are hardly digested but rather deposited in their original form in other body organs. Studies have shown that high animal protein intake leads to a rise in the kidney’s workload which is referred to as hyperfiltration. The studies also show that consumption of animal proteins triggers the production of cancer promoting growth hormones. Question 4 Professor Cannon and Duntz have been cited in the same paragraph by Kellogg based on their similar research on digestion of fat means. According to Duntz, digestion of fat meats requires the body to use much more energy than when digesting starch. Animal proteins have a higher concentration of essential amino acids than plant proteins. Essential amino acids, on the other hand, can trigger the body to produce high levels of insulin-like growth factor. This hormone is a growth factor for cancer cells which essentially increases the risk of getting cancer. While vegetarianism and veganism vary in various ways especially through eggs consumption, they are not necessary in the diet. Question 5 Kellogg cites outside sources either, directly or indirectly, seven times. Two of these sources have been quoted; three of them are indirect while the other two have been paraphrased. Direct referencing increases the credibility of a given piece of work. Indirect quotes on the other hand show that an author is not only competent on researching on the subject in question but can also accurately interpret and draw conclusions from it. Kellogg ability to use and paraphrase other sources has made the passage not only educative but also entertaining.
Question 6 Seneca is one of the ancient roman philosophers who supported vegetarianism. Seneca has been cited by Kellogg because he not only advocated for vegetarianism but he also practiced it. He actually testified that his intellectual amplitude developed tremendously after adopting the new habits. While the other researches have been supported by scientific evidence, we have not witnessed any of the researchers putting their work into practice. Seneca has used his testimony as the basis if his claims which would compel the reader to adopt the same when when one would be persuaded by scientific evidence. This also demonstrates that the work is striving to meet the project and business expectations. A writer can encounter resistance between different groups which is a detriment to the project delivery. The overriding desire to please the reader could jeopardize the success of the project since the writer can deviate from exploring the problem. Question 7 I can identify five appositives in this passage. Appositives proved information that helps define a sentence or a concept into details. The practice enables a writer to determine their knowledge and competency gap, assess the efficacy of various approaches deployed and become cognizant of their professional conducts. It is important to note that when addressing a given topic, a writer can use characters from all walks of life, different ethnicity, nationality, and cultures, thus diverse in language, beliefs, values, and understanding. The diversity affects the way these people relate, communicate, and engage with others. Every culture has its own distinct verbal and written language for communication which varies in intonation, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Besides, some people have visual or ear impairments; thus similar modes of communication are likely to be ineffective. Hence, communication flexibility is the key to effective communication with the readers. Using a mix of communication methods ensures that the message is effectively conveyed and understood by the reader. Besides, the messages can still reach the recipient whenever unforeseen barriers to a particular method of communication occur. Question 8 Figurative speech is principally used to entertain. Kellogg’s passage is meant to be educative and using figurative speech might contradict his intentions. However the passage has been entertaining also. Figurative speech is mainly used when writing comic books and novels rather than when writing an educative piece. One can only use a figurative piece at the end of an educative piece to avoid deviating from the main objective of the piece or misinterpretation by the reader. It also exposes the learner to the nature of consulting, reasons and value for consulting as well how a writer can develop his credibility with the reader. Although such information is learnable theoretically, integrating a case scenario into the task provides a fresh, practical perspective of consultancy. It is imperative to note that professionalism, ethical behavior is key to successful consulting services and establishing credibility with the reader organization. Theoretical consultancy lifecycle is applicable in real life. Although the cycle is linear theatrically, some phases of the cycle are avoidable, and this often depends on the reader needs such as when they look for a writer rather than an expert marketing their portfolio to the readers. PART 2 Question 1 According to the author The research shows that The researcher further explains that the author explains the article cites that it was found that the author claims it been proved that the experiment showed that experts show that Question 2 Therefore, we can conclude that However, it has been shown that we can conclude that it is true that we can say that author is right in saying that which proves that is correct in saying it is true because and thus it has been shown that

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