King Edward VII College


Operational Plan




Details of resources required to achieve actions



KPIs and process for checking

Marketing requirements

Ensuring that there has been the use of all channels of advertisements including social media and distribution of leaflets

Social media accounts bearing the schools name and man power to spread leaflets

3 months

Marketing manager and Volunteers amongst students and staff

Growth in the institutional reputation. To be measured weekly

Fitting out requirements

Ensuring that the number of students enrolled fit on campus

Spacious lecture halls and offices

The first 2 years

Finance and administration manager

Lack of congestion in lecture halls. To be measured monthly

Equipment requirements

Purchasing all necessary equipment for running the campuses effectively

Availability of enough capital


Finance manager

All students have the necessary learning equipment. To be measured monthly

Sources of information for commercial properties

Ensuring that the school have sufficient information on areas that are suitable to locate the campuses

Availability of intelligence and reliable sources of information


Marketing manager

The school gets location’s that are strategic for easier movement of students. To be measured weekly

Staffing requirement s and recruitment options

Ensure that the campuses are well staffed

Existence of an efficient human resource personnel

3 months

Human resources manager

The hired staff is responsible and reliable. To be measured monthly

Potential suppliers

Ensure that provisions within the campuses are always quality and on time

A procurement department that is well run


Operations manager

All suppliers have got to the campuses in good condition and on time. To be measured weekly


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