Legends on the Nature Trail Program

Legends on the Nature Trail Program
•Event Name
Legends on the Nature Trail Program
•Event Description (to be published in the City Event Schedule)
The Legends on the Nature Trail Program is a collaborative initiative sponsored by City’s Parks and Recreation Department in Canada. This event entails hiking from China Beach Trailhead to Bear Beach for the older adults. The program integrates agenda of the various community health programs to ensure that community members improve their health conditions. The programs focus on exposing local residents to the coastal environments, create site seeing opportunities and create a platform to socialize as they relieve their minds off the urban environment.

•City/Township & Location
The China Trailhead is located at the Port Renfrew alongside Juan De Fuca highway. Port Renfrew is in British Columbia, Canada.
•Laws/Bylaws (consider relevant rules that may impact your event)
By laws on the Juan de Fuca Trail limit any person from lighting fire in the trail (Leadem, 2015). Therefore, no participant will be allowed to warm food during hiking.
•Registration criteria for participants (age, ability level, etc.) and prerequisites
Participants are adults aged between 45 and 60 years. Participants should have physical disability that affects their walking.
•Participant information collection (how will you determine skills, experience, medical concerns, etc.)
Participants will present copies of national identity documents to demonstrate their age is within the specified age. Applicants will be required to present medical examination report conducted within seven days to date of application. The report should be conducted, signed and stamped by a certified/registered/accredited physician. The medical will report will provide information whether the participant has underlying condition that could deteriorate hiking.
•Goals and purpose of the event
The purpose of China Beach Trail Hiking event is to enhance the well-being of the participants. The goals of this event include
Improving participant’s fitness, mental and health well being
Create a sociable moment for the aged persons
Expose participants to different landscapes and environment diversity

• Program objectives or outcomes
Enhance opportunities for local communities to appreciate the environment
Advocate for importance of walking/hiking on individual’s human health
Reinforce the importance of hiking in community health program
Create a pleasurable moment for the aged persons.
•Number of participants
China Beach Trail Hiking will engage 25 participants.
•Number of leaders (staff) & chaperones (volunteers)
There will be 6 staff who will comprise three guides, two paramedics, and the program coordinator. An additional of two volunteers will be included.
•Specific location for start and end
The hiking will commence on the China Beach Trail head, which is off Highway 14 at Eastern terminus, few kilometers from Jordan River. The trail will progress through the creeks and beaches at terminate at Bear Beach.
•Start/End times
The hiking event will start at 9. Am and end at 5. pm
•Travel/transport details (public transit, drop off, walk to start point, etc.)
Transport management include a bus that will collect the participants from Victoria. All participants will be collected at Victoria main bus terminus. The bus will depart from Victoria at 7.am and arrive at China Beach Trail head at 8:30 am.
•Total activity distance and travel time
The total distance covered will be 6.5 miles (10.5 km). The estimated time is 6-8 hours (Leadem, 2015).
•Equipment needed
Map of the hiking trail, hiking boots (waterproof boots), Waterproof outerwear., waterproof hat, hiking poles (walking sticks), three liters of water, compass, tide tables, snacks, binoculars (optional)
•Safety equipment
First aid tool kit, insect repellant, sun screen, glasses, flashlight

•Programming plan & specific activities you will deliver (i.e. what topics will you cover on route?)
Learning different types of coastal vegetation. The participants will be engaged in a walking activity for more than three kilometers progressively and enlightened on the importance of walking in regulation of sugar and blood pressure. The participants will be enlightened on the appearance of different tides.
•Emergency response options and contact information (based on your location)
The three paramedics will offer emergency services. However, an ambulatory service based on Port Renfrew will be contacted for critical conditions.
•Staff preparation requirements prior to event (i.e. what you need to do to be ready to go)
Meeting will be scheduled two days before the hiking day on the recreation department facility. The participants will be taken through the importance of the hiking event and enlightened on the possible hazards and the defense mechanisms. The participants will be reminded the key equipment and safety tools that they will have to bring on the hiking day. The meeting will involve assessing the challenges that the participants are experiencing during the preparation for the hiking event. Map of the trail area will be presented to each participants during this meeting.

•The route (include a map or print out outlining the route clearly)
Hiking will begin at the China Beach Trail head, proceed through Mystic Beach up to the Bear Beach. The map shows the course of the trail for hiking.

Map of the Juan de Fuan with China Beach trail to the Bear Beach (Leadem, 2015)

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