Student’s name
Institutional Affiliation

Statuses and Roles
My statuses in society are a daughter, student, Christian, a 17-year-old white girl, and hold hobbies. As a 17-year-old-daughter, I have the role of being part of my family, loving and caring for them. I go to get to school to shape my future, which ultimately brings a good job. Also, being a daughter entails me to be nice to everyone and be helpful at home. As a Christian, I am obliged to be fair to everyone around me, respecting my parents and everyone in particular. I am also expected to participate in community leadership, building my faith. To enhance and cement my Christian faith, I am supposed to help others who need my ability. As a student, I expect to get to school, work hard, do the assignments, and obey my teachers while holding respect for everyone in the institution. My hobbies are playing with my dog and also love hanging around with my friends.
The ascribed statuses are neither earned nor chosen as they do not decide on their acquisition. In my case, the status of my age, my race as a white girl, and my gender as female describe the ascribe my statuses. Achieved statuses are those in which an individual can earn or chose them in the society’s context. In my scenario, I am a student, a Christian, and have hobbies in which I am at liberty to change depending on my liking.
An example of a role conflict that I got involved in was when I was to hang out with my friends, yet I had not cleared my assignments. In this case, my status as a student was conflicting with my hobby of hanging out with my friends. Thus, I had to decide what I should do, thereby sacrificing one status. I was caught in a role strain instance when I was when my parents were not around, and I had to clean the house, care for my siblings, cook for them, and ensure they are safe, yet I was alone. As a daughter, I found the status too demanding, with many roles within it.

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