The movie about a wealthy family with several successful business. The father has build a successful empire but the children have grown but lack successful careers. The movie is focused on the daughter Fallon who is determined to compete with her father and establish her own reputation and journey. The camera angles depicting her acting scenes caught my attention. She is a very expressive character and the camera angles helps highlight the different moods and facial expressions and language she easily emits.
Fallon loves flattery, attention and drama. The setting of her scene and camera angles helps depict her love for attention. She wears very short clothes and loves showing off her body by siting in certain positions which exposes her dirty thoughts. Also, the camera displays her mood. When she is serious the camper tends to focus on her face as she speaks. Also, the sounding on the movie is very interesting. Sound is used to show the different emotional states of the characters. Sound is used to show the emotions of sadness, joy, happiness, grief and loss. Sound is very important also to show the actions and intent of the charters. The variation inn voice allows you to notice the intention and what they are about to undertake. The actions of the characters especially Blake himself who runs the family business is depicted by sound. Blakes manner of speaking is commanding and appears a rational and reasonable person.
Blakes rarely gets into shouts or conflicts. He likes to undertake things in quest and rational way. Also, the camera angle displays him as a professional. The camera usually focuses on his clothes and normally conducting serious activities the camera angle plays a big role in depicting the character of the actors. The camera is keen on showing the subtle changes in body language and expressions of the character, Highlighting the specific emotional context of the characters allows the viewers to understand and connect with the emotional state of characters.
Camera angle is very important for viewers. Without focusing on specific important events by highlighting them by zooming them or changing camera to different angles. It allows the viewers to connects and understand the characters. The role of camera angles cannot be underestimated. It enriches the movie and makes the audience connects with the characters. Camera angles helps to shape the character of the actors. Each actor has their own unique body movements or siting positions. By focusing the minute details about the character behavior, camera angles shapes the identity of the characters by highlighting their unique behaviors and body language.
Sound is an important element in the movie. Sound also shapes the character of the actors. A actor changes their sound depending on their moods and the place. For instance, Blake when with his fiancée changes his tone and becomes livelier and quieter. He is bit relaxed and his sound slows down. When in serious business meetings, his voice is sharp and serious. The changing of sound to suit situations allows the viewers to understand the context of the setting. For instance, you cannot invoke joking voice in a serious business meeting where Blake is hiding board meetings. This will sound unrealistic and a big mistake which viewers will notice.
Using the various technical tools of sound and camera positions helps in making a movie seem real and becomes popular to viewers. Using sound and camera angles which the audience can easily notice helps them understand and become interest in the movie. Camera angles and sound plays a big role in the ratings of a movie by audience. Just by focusing camera angles alone in the right way significantly increase the ratings of a movie. Camera angle are not just positions but they are very important moments where the actors are showing important events which affect the plot.

The movie has received good ratings because of the mane in which the camera angle had been utilized. Fallon is an interesting charter and her modo swing and anger can be easily noted just by focusing the camera on her face, or when in her house how she sits. Focusing the camera on specific behaviors of the actors helps shape their identity. Also, the sounds where the moods of the actor is shown by their manner of speaking. Speaking in a low vice and relaxed manner shows happiness and less worries. However, when characters are in difficult situations, they become angry and their voice raises and constantly in rages. Fallon ids a good example. She is constantly in rages shown by her frequent shouts due to her tendency to get into trouble with her father. She is disobedient and her voice raising her voice shows the nature of her relationship with the father. Camera angles and sound are very useful and helps make the movie more appealing and receive good ratings.

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