In Celebration of the Life of Matthew Robert Benn

On behalf of our family, I thank everyone for being here. We truly feel supported by everyone’s kindness and prayers during this difficult time. From the day Matthew was born, he brought a joy and light to the room that nobody else could match.

He was always there to encourage, bolster and comfort us when times were hard, it will leave a great vacuum in our hearts and I am not sure how we will manage without him. But we will be inspired by what he taught us and live by his advice to “accept what you can’t change and change what you can” which he frequently cited as if it were his own. He developed into our closest friend, confidant, and counselor in the family. His greatest skill was his ability to inspire us to find the positive in every circumstance and to face problems head-on. He was a self- assured man who taught that no obstacle was insurmountable. He was someone when I talked to would ask his advice on situations and he would listen and give his best and honest opinion.

If someone were to ask me to describe Matthew in two words I would say he was ambitious and hardworking. He was always dreaming big and aiming to accomplish all of his dreams; regardless of how long they might have taken him to fulfill it, he was determined to make them happen.

Brother Matthew was filled with joy whenever he witnessed the simplest things, whether it be a child’s smile or a funny joke. His immense joy, especially over other people’s happiness, was revealed through his big smiles and intoxicating, jiggly, thunderous laughter. He loved surprising us with gifts and seeing our reactions. That gave him the biggest joy and he went above and beyond to seek those moments.

Brother Matthew had an endless capacity to love. He loved unconditionally and immensely. He spoke lovingly about his parents. He loved his wife, his brothers and sister, he loved family holiday dinners hosted by my Mom. He was dearest to my mother; my mother would visit him every evening and would spend 2-5 hours with him and he loved his mother, he loved us all . I know she will truly miss him but I know my brother would hate to see us crying for him. He would want us to cling to the beautiful memories and forgive ourselves for whatever regrets we have. He would like us to be strong through the darkest days ahead. That is what he always did giving us light and strength when it seemed impossible to go on.

He was a humble guy and always tried to bring peace to conflicts.

He loved to go on diets when he started to realize his belly was, he would go on YouTube and tell me about this diet and workout he found and its that it’s working and I would say “yeah man you loosing weight”. He would always advice me to try it.

Kindness and generosity was a fabric of his being…he showered everyone he met with compliments. He never spent whatever he had all on himself; he gave it to those around him. He was an entrepreneur with a strong business mindset; we both started a food business and we would joke about how expensive my food was and that his food was for poor people. I would laugh, and he would say “yea man I got $5 dollar, $6, $8 $10 food whatever the body got I will sell them food equivalent”. He was a very heart warming person who would always try to make sure those close to him ate. He always tried to help people achieve their dreams and their full potential happiness. Even up till his last day with us, he always lent a helping hand for those in need and continuously gave back to his community. Matthew was just a person who loved to help people. He was always excited for a new day because he believed that everyday there’s something new to learn and so many wonderful things to explore.

Earlier life and family

He was born on the 2nd October 1990 in Kingston St. Vincent. He is the second born in a family of four. He was a son to Phelicia Shepherd and Steve Paria and a brother to three, namely; Maxwell, Jonathan Benn, and Hope Shepherd. He was a companion to Susan Best. He was a Grandson of the late Sherlita Swift and an Uncle of Janayrah Benn and Josiah Dottin. Nephew of Beverley Rourke (Canada), Jennifer, Veronica, and Cheryl Benn (St. Vincent), and Leroy Benn, He was Cousin of Lafleur, Dennis, Suzie Benn (St. Vincent), Michael Benn (UK) and Felicia, Kemar Benn.

Matthew had come to Barbados with my mother when he was 4 years old, he enrolled into primary school at Jones Private School, after which he joined Hilda Skeen Primary and then later Garrison Secondary school.

He was a close friend of the best family and many others. Aged 33 years, Matthew Robert Benn, late of Farm Road St. Philip, entered into rest on October 20, 2022.

Work and employment

He worked as a………

Life in christ

I could go on forever with stories about my brother…. Because of his belief and trust in God and by the power of the Holy Spirit living in him, I saw him exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in his life. He truly was inspired by the divine. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” It is without a doubt that 33 years of living in a very broken world, he, through prayer maintained the strength to endure the trials, tribulations, and sickness here on earth… it was apparent for those who were blessed to know him, even until his last days, that his heart was truly filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Brother, you’ve been there for me and many of us here, we all can remember the impact you had on our lives. May we all love, give, live and forgive like Brother Matthew so that this world can be a better place. And let the light of our Lord Jesus Christ shine through us as it has shone through him. Brother Matthew, I love you.

Relatives and Friends are warmly invited to share in a service of thanksgiving celebrating the life of Matthew Robert Benn which will take place at The Chapel of Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church on Wednesday 09th November 2022 at 2:00 PM followed by the internment in Cassia Lawns. Flowers may be delivered to L. R Harris Funeral Home, Maycock St. Lucy by 9:00 Am on the day of the funeral.

No mourning colors by special request. Viewing by Family only.























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