THE LION KING (Scar King 1994)

Short synopsis
The Lion King is an animation movie by there-known Disney Studios,with the entire plot being based upon the venture of a young cub namely, Simba a role played by Taylor Johnathan. The storyline captures the parts of supportive characters of whom include Simba’s father,Mufasa,a role played by James Earl, Mufasa’s wretchedbrother, Scar,role by Jeremy Iron, who desires and plans to take the crown and ends up tricking Mufasa and Simba to achieve his goal of becoming the King. He manages to kill his brother, but his nephew, Simba; heir to the thrown manages to elude and later on returns as an adult to take back his rightfulposition; King with the help of his friends Timon and Pumbaa, roles played by Nathane lane and Ernie Sabella respectively(IMDb, 2019).
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The Audience,Space and I
Having watched this film at Cinemax Studios, west lands, Id perceives it as one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had in my theatre life.Firstly,the environment was in such a way that the theatre was full,there was a full high definition view and sound,the audience was well mannered and keen as the actions unfolded every second of the way with frequent noticeable tears, fears,joy and laughter as the film went through, It was instead an ambivalent film containing all sorts of emotions in various scenes making it such a great movie.Nobody would fail to mention the proper coordination of the lights in the theatre.It was a perfect fit. For an almost classic film, well-furnished chairs with equivalently adequate space between them to freely allow movements into and out of the theatre. Besides,the ventilation in the theatre was well put even in the presence of such a vast audience which made the place a haven of serenity as one glimpse into the big screen with such great anticipation and zeal,still as the film played on the screen. This is one of the places which anybody would love to watch his movie. Lovely and peaceful people.
The Director and I
In this particular film,the director manages to draw the audience into the world of fantasy as soon as the curtains go down; with the excellent’ African’ musical sound play at the onset of the film, directly driving the audience from the real world to the world of fantasy. The dedication of the young cub in the presence of all the wild animals quickly absorbs the audience into the fallacy world that the director intended toimpart.In an almost perfect system the young cub, Simba is raised, he somewhat turns out to be a pain in the neck as he’s curiosity leads to him disobeying his dad. The director further manages to lock the audience into the world of surprises by twist characters; Where we expect Scar,to be supportive of his brother,King Mufasa,he fails terribly. He instead even ends up killing him, developing a theme of Sibling rivalry,which is a prominent factor in today’s families. Therefore the director manages to relate real-life situations affecting me and the society at largewith the film.It becomes ridiculous and ironic when the young cub,Simba tells his wretched aged uncle,Scar that had been taking orders from him.
Technical Analysis
The film is a spectacular piece of technical acquirement, however,as much as it seems to bear much content, it has no much reality’ in it since it’s been personified, in fact, we know animals cannot do the things they do in this particular film, actions such as conversing, singing etc. This view isn’t only academic; it’s crucial to comprehend the fundamental irony of the production. Realism was impossible for the film “The Lion King.” It’s mostly a fantastical tale, and yet the producers have sandwichedthe fantastical representation of these characters and their world. Subsequently, the contrast between the impossible events happening on-screen and the hyper-realism of the imagery doesn’t always work in the movie’s favour.

Narrative Aspects
The story rotates around a young cub,Simba,son to the King Mufasa,how he copes, perseveres and lastly maneuvers obstacles to realizing his full potentials into becoming what he was meant to be,a true king following the footsteps of his father.
Looking at the characters,Simba the main character seems to be saving the day, he’s the hero of the story, he’s therefore natured by supporting characters like Mufasa,his dad,his uncle, portrays himself as the main villain in the story. In contrast, Timon, Pumbaa and Nala help develop the main character,Simba.
The entire plot is based on the adventures of Simba, a young cub. The rest of the characters help in developing the theme of the story
Production Design Aspects
In this dimension,the actors as the characters are seemingly convincing on developing the plot in the various scenes
The animals are well mimicked in terms of their behaviours naturally, for instance, the Hyenas are always considered to be greedy,this phenomenon is jacked up where they;standing or ruling behind Scar wrecks the hunting grounds to the extent that there emerges starvation
The film incorporates the use of various real-time events,colours which are quite convincing in a general outlook
Cinematic Aspects
Here, we review the lightings,of which were considerably near perfect,no significant issues emerge concerning the lights in the whole film,they relatively vary from scene to scene to bring out the overall perfect views of the film
Excellent work is noted on the deep African rooted soundtracks with a mixture of the ideal musical voices well filtered to fit into the high definition sound category
Camera angles in this particular film have varied from scene to scene with each stage entirely incorporated with the best angular view of the camera, up close,overhead sideways and direct front camera views have all been implored in this film giving it a smooth finish and an excellent view
Step 3: analysis of the film
The narrator of the story
This is a story narrated by king Mufasa who is a lion in charge of other lions. The pride of lions rule over the animal kingdom, and a newborn son named Simba, the firstborn to King Mufasa is born. Simba is presented to the other vanities by the kingdom’s advisor. The King shows his son the rest of the pride and tells him the importance of unity and the cycles which connect the living things in the jungle. The younger brother to the King named scar plans to eliminate the King so that he may become the King. He tricked the Simba and led them away from the park where hyenas attack them.
This story runs across the jungle of the pride lands of Africa and with its rich content of wildlife, the narrator of this story is a lion who in the movie acts as the King of the jungle. At the end of the film, the almost coup turns against the leader of the rebel scar who is thrown down by Simba from a cliff after a short fight. Thekingdom is restored to normal at the end, and Simba becomes the King and makes Nala his queen.

The audience of the film
The people who are likely to watch the lion king movie are small children and young adults who love animations and wildlife. People who majorly love watching wild animals, especially lions, may offer a proper audience for this movie. Children, in particular, may enjoy watching this movie due to several reasons. First children love watching movies that make them happy and jovial all times. Lion King is one movie that provides that innocent entertainment and is not very violent that can scare children away.
Children also love the heroic acts presented in animations, and lion king has not been left behind in this part. The rebellion named Scar is then shown at the end of the movie as a failure, and the son of the King Simba defeats him at the end, making him a hero when the movie ends. Children love such films, and this is the reason they provide an appropriate audience for this movie.
Children also love seeing animals and other wildlife such as hyenas, elephants, rhinos and even different tree that make up the forest. These are some of the things they are taught in class, and they always love seeing them again in the movies as they assume it is a reality.

The genre of the movie
The lion king is an animation movie produces by Disney studio involving a lion cub which grows up to become a full lion and resumes the responsibilities that accompany the manhood. This movie is presented as animation since the characters are presented made by a series of cartoon drawings which gives an illusion of real objects. The lion king movie uses the characteristics of animals, particularly lion, to show real-world and events that happen in real life.
The aspects that make this movie fit into being an animation include the principles which are deployed during the making of this movie. Some of these principles include the use of staging, which is primarily meant to attract the attention of the audience and makes it known the most critical scenes in the movie. The use of animals to represent human beings in their way of talking and behaviour is also a method used by different movie makers when making animated movies. This method has used in the lion king movie. The other method used in the film is the use of suspense and unpredictable scenes to make the audience more alert and bring the eagerness of watching the film.

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