Leadership and Power
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Leadership is critical in all healthcare organizations. Power and leadership are contradicting concepts that correlate. Leadership can be defined as the ability to make sound decisions that have the potential to inspire others. On the other side, power is the ability to influence other people’s behaviors and emotions.
Power can influence the emotions and beliefs of an individual or a group in an healthcare organization (Schein & Schein, 2018). When we talk about power, we have to think of a relationship where one party is superior. Being powerful positively affects my performance and emotional state when in the line of duty. Power gives flexibility to leaders. Through flexibility, power allows me to perform extraordinarily in my job duties. Besides, power makes me accountable for all my actions while dealing with patients. Effective healthcare leaders focus on making their subordinates feel powerful. This is because people with power are more responsible and flexible as compared to powerless people.
I agree with the statement that “we become powerful when we give our own power away.” Effective healthcare leaders give their power away by delegating responsibilities to the subordinate staff. This makes employees accountable. In the process, employees develop trust and a good relationship with the managers, which are essential elements of influential leaders. Also, empowering employees causes leaders to appreciate the unique abilities of some employees, which encourages diversity and flexibility of ideas in healthcare organizations.
All leaders strive to create an environment of trust with their employees. Leaders in healthcare organizations can create a useful relationship and show their trustworthiness by giving power to the healthcare workers to express their ideas and skills.

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