Windows Batch Files

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Windows Batch Files
Part #1: The usage of batch jobs is an important skill for any computer technician or network specialist. The ability to used the Windows OS command to string different jobs to complete a task is general requirement of the computer technology and networking field. The student will use the Windows Terminal Commands learned to form a cohesive batch file with user interface to complete a number of tasks.
1. Create a gathering record called “routine backup” and save it to “c:Temp.”
2. Create a new coordinator named “datalogs in “c:Temp” in the cluster archive.
3. The Bach archive should ask for the customer’s name from the log record. Save the log record in the newly created envelope.
4. Create a data log archive in Windows of the massive number of stowed away records/envelopes in decreasing size need.
5. Keep track of the enormous number of executable reports/envelopes in the Windows vault by date in a data log.
6. In Temp, create a two-coordinator structure with the names “activeFiles” and “passiveFiles” for the envelopes.
7. In “activeFiles,” create a three-layer falling coordinator structure (names: ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’).

Part #2: Create a client intelligent clump document with a menu that permits the client to do the accompanying positions. Note that this segment is subject to Part #1 of this task. Utilize the “UI model” from the Batch document models shrouded in the talk meeting.
1) In the customer menu, create a decision for copying records from the customer’s specified Source and Destination coordinators (the customer should have to make a decision to input the source reports/envelopes and objective records/coordinators).
2) Give the customer the option of supporting records from the “datalog” in activeFiles or passiveFiles.
3) Make a selection allowing the consumer to remove all data log records.
4) Make a selection to allow a client to copy and rename a record from the “datalog” envelope that they selected.

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