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IT Infrastructure for Bright Light Limited (BLL)
Small, medium, and large companies currently operate in a highly competitive market system. Most organizations focus on incorporating technology into their daily activities to increase productivity, profits, and competitive advantages. For BLL to improve its performance in different departments, introducing and implementing effective information systems and well-developed and organized information technology (IT) infrastructure exist as a critical strategy. The firm requires various modern IT infrastructure components to ensure that activities run as needed for higher productivity and additional competitive value. Business IS comprises the inter-related processes that utilize its IT systems to generate and disseminate desired information. Such a strategy would significantly assist the management in decision-making on the firm that facilitates attaining the short and long-term corporate objectives.
Computer Hardware
Computer hardware forms a fundamental part of the IT infrastructure to facilitates the IS’s effective functioning in an organization such as BLL. As a result, the company should select the hardware systems that meet the IT structure and the organization’s current and future needs (Hwaitat et al., 2018, p.35). On the same note, the firm should consider the compatibility of the incoming computer hardware with existing IT infrastructure to deliver required services in the departments. Introduction and implementation of IS in BLL should focus on long-term IT strategies before moving to the computer hardware. For instance, market systems persist as dynamic with changes in employees, services, customers, and products. Hence, hardware systems should possess a high level of flexibility to adapt to future changes, facilitating smooth adjustment by the firm (Hwaitat et al., 2018, p. 35). Furthermore, the hardware’s life expectancy should prioritize the company IT departments to minimize the costs of purchasing new ones and maintenance.
Similarly, the computer hardware systems should possess high-performance speed and large storage spaces since they would handle big data in different departments. According to Habitat et al. (2018, p.35), the computer’s speed would enhance clients’ faster response and convenient inter-department communication. Before purchasing the computer hardware, the IT department should identify the company’s needs in all departments. Such an approach would assist in selecting the computer hardware that facilitates achieving the firm’s objectives. The IT departments should collect relevant information from the firms sections on the computers’ operational requirements introduce useful computer hardware that effectively performs the intended functions (Hwaitat et al., 2018, p.36). Besides, some computer hardware components such as storage, RAM, and processor should possess suitable specifications for the company functions in all the departments (Hwaitat et al., 2018, p.35). IT department should identify and prefer computer hardware with high specifications, which would increase the speed and improve the entire IS’s performance.
Enterprise Software Applications (ESA)
Enterprise Software Applications exist as a significant part of the IT infrastructure for organizations such as BLL to introduce and implement the IS in its departments. Moreover, before introducing such a strategy for efficiency in operations, the firm has to consider various recommendations (Beránek et al., 2017, p. 24). ESA persists as the large-scale software that helps the firm solve multiple challenges such as coordination, communication, and offering support to different departments’ functions and operations. According to Beránek et al. (2017, p.24), the software would significantly assist the department in diverse functions leading to increased productivity. For instance, in marketing and sales departments, the ESA would enhance monitoring of the sales pipeline, tracking various issues from the customers, consumer, and interdepartmental communication. Equally, the software would get used in monitoring and tracking employees’ performance and client behaviors. Notably, for the ESA’s effective functioning in BLL, the IT department and entire organization should focus on storage, display, and manipulation of extensive data that the company would handle (Beránek et al., 2017, p. 24). As a result, the company should assess the ESA’s overall performance since different firm departments would use the same software despite being located in other geographical locations.
Furthermore, central management should exits as an aspect of focus before selecting the ESA. As per Beránek et al. (2017, p.24), the software should have the central management systems coordinating all the activities in different departments effectively and conveniently. On the same note, the firm’s ESA should comprise a suite of computer programs comprising the typical business applications, technological tools for modeling the whole company, and programs for building apps unique to the organization. The company should also utilize the ESA with high scalability due to expecting expansion in the organization’s operations and data handled (Beránek et al., 2017, p.25). As a result, the IT department should consider ESA with high flexibility for future adjustment in scale and size and production of the computing process in a wide range of abilities that suits the company operations. As the company expands to international customers, the amount of work would significantly increase, which requires the ESA with high scalability (Beránek et al., p. 27).
Nevertheless, for the ESA’s efficiency, robustness exists as a fundamental factor to concentrate on. The company would experience enormous work and operations in different departments, including within and outside the organizations. The identified should have capabilities to perform the required functions sufficiently and conveniently with minimal delays.
Operating Software
Operating software or operating system (OS) persists as the software that interlinks between the user and the computer hardware systems. According to Androulaki et al. (2018, p. 1), computers require OS for practical functioning and performance of the intended programs and duties within an organization such as BLL. Notably, operating software makes the hardware usable by sending the commands, and receiving the desired outcome, enhancing sufficient interactions. Furthermore, operating systems play a critical role in coordinating the components of the hardware. For instance, various input and output devices have different parts and languages (Androulaki et al., 2018, p. 2). The OS installed in the computer can effectively enhance communication between the output and input through device drivers. Besides, OS directly assists in data management by allowing the user to view and manipulate different data and folders through commands such as delete, move, rename and copy, to name a few (Androulaki et al., 2018, p. 5). Equally, the operating systems facilitate monitoring and tracking the computer’s functionality and health and the entire IT infrastructure. OS would provide critical information on the nature and health of the hardware and threats of malware.

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