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INFO – 1249 – Programming Fundamentals – Project #1 – IPv4 Break Down

INFO – 1249 – Programming Fundamentals – Project #1 – IPv4 Break Down

Project #1 – IPv4 Break Down
 Code a script / program that produces the required output.
Your mission…
You goal is to create a Python script (Program) that will ask the user for an IPv4 address with the /prefix mask.
(i.e. ) From this information, you can determine the following and output this to the user.
 The IP Address (The user entered)
 The Subnet Mask (Converted from /prefix to dotted decimal format – i.e. /25 
 The Wildcard Mask (The Inverse of the Subnet Mask – i.e. /25 
 The Network Address that the host belongs too. (Bitwise AND the IP Address and Subnet Mask)
 The Minimum Host IP Address for this network. (Network Address + 1)
 The Maximum Host IP Address for this network. (Broadcast Address – 1)
 The Broadcast Address for this network. (Bitwise OR the IP Address and Wildcard Mask)
 The Number of Hosts per Network allowed on this network.
Create a source code / script file named
For example, if your name is Harley Quinn, you would name the script HQ_
A documentation header and Comments are required though out your code.)
Write a short program that does all of the following:
1. Asks the user for an IP Address with the subnet prefix. (i.e. )
2. Validate and convert the user input string.
 Check for that there are no spaces ” ” in the input string.
 Break the input string into IP and Prefix (using “/” to split)
 Break the IP (from above) into a list (using “.” to split)
 Validate that the prefix must be between (8-31) and each Octet (element in the IP list) must be between (0-255)
 If any of the information is incorrect loop back and ask for the input again. (Provide output of the correct format)
3. You must use Separate Lists to store all the Addresses. (~7 List Variables for IP Address, Network Address,
Subnet Mask, Wildcard Mask, Network Broadcast Address, Minimum Host IP, and Maximum Host IP)
i.e. The IP Address should be stored in a 4 element list [ 205, 210, 49, 10 ]
The Subnet Mask should be stored in another 4 element list [ 255, 255, 255, 0 ] etc…
4. Using the IP List and Prefix variable to calculate the required answers (to populate the other lists variables).
 To calculate the subnet mask convert the /prefix to a string with so many 1s and the rest 0s.
Then break this down into groups of 8 bits for each octet.
(i.e. /25  11111111111111111111111110000000 = 25 x 1s + (32-25) 7 x 0s.
5. Output should provide all answers in dotted decimal and binary. (Must match the provide output sample)


IPv4 Break Down Program
Please enter an IPv4 Address and prefix (#.#.#.#/MM): 300.168.2.1/24
– The correct format is [0-255].[0-255].[0-255].[0-255]/[8-31] Mask
– Example: (no spaces)
Please enter an IPv4 Address and prefix (#.#.#.#/MM):
Address: 11000000.10101000.00000010.10001110
Netmask: 11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000
Wildcard: 00000000.00000000.00001111.11111111
Network: 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000000
HostMin: 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000001
HostMax: 11000000.10101000.00001111.11111110
Broadcast: 11000000.10101000.00001111.11111111
Host/Net: 4094
Marking Scheme
Available Description
4 Code runs correctly (Meets the requirements) without crashing (All or nothing)
Has a comment header block listing program name, purpose, coder, and date.
Comments are used throughout to explain what is happening. (All or nothing)
2 Creating / Using needed variables and lists correctly.
2 User is prompted and inputs from the keyboard (use appropriate data types)
Divide the input string using the string.split() method, into a variable for prefix and a
4-element list containing the IP Address (4 Octets).
If there is a problem with the above splitting,
prompt the user (Noting the correct input format) and ask again for the IP Address.
2 (B)
BONUS: Validate user input is in correct ranges, if not asked to try again.
(Valid for Octets = 0 to 255, Prefix = 8 to 31)
NOTE: Yes, I know Octet 1 should not allowed zero
and the Last Octet cannot be 255 but just keeping it simple.
2 Calculate the Subnet Mask and Inverse Wildcard Mask.
2 Calculate the Network Address. (4 Octets)
2 Calculate the Number of Hosts allowed on the network from number of Hosts bits.
2 Calculate the First IP Address in range.
2 Calculate the Last IP Address in range.
2 Calculate the Broadcast Address for the range.
2 Output shows the correct answers. (You can verify here)
2 Output is formatted correctly
30 TOTAL (Possible 32 / 30 = 107% with Bonus)


Project #1 – IPv4 Break Down – Appendix (Logic / Math Aids)
The follow appendix has pointers to help with the tools, logic and math needed.
1) Example of the List / IP logic and math:
Example User Input: “” (String)
IP: “” Prefix:”20″ Split into a List by “/”
“172” “35” “175” “23” “20” Split IP into another List by “.”
172 35 175 23 20 Convert List to Integers.
172 35 175 23 IP Address IP Address (List of 4 Octets)
255 255 240 0 Subnet Mask (/20) Subnet Mask (Dotted Decimal).
172 35 175 26
IP AND Subnet Mask Network Address
(Bitwise AND between IP and
Subnet Mask).
255 255 240 0
172 35 160 0 Network IP
255 255 240 0
Subnet Mask XOR 1s Wildcard Mask.
(Bitwise XOR the Subnet
Mask with all 1s)
255 255 255 255
0 0 15 255 Wildcard Mask
172 35 160 0 Network IP OR
Wildcard Mask
Network Broadcast
(Bitwise OR the Network IP
with the Wildcard Mask.)
0 0 15 255
172 35 175 255 Net Broadcast
172 35 160 1 Network IP + 1 Minimum HOST IP
172 35 175 254 Net Broadcast – 1 Maximum HOST IP
2) Example of the Number of Hosts per Network math: HOSTs / Network
= 2
(32-20=12) = 4096 – 2 (For Network and Broadcast) = 4094 Hosts


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