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Impacts of internet on mentally entertainment











Impacts of internet on mentally entertainment

            There are very many different types of entertainment that are available to the people. Some of the sources of entertainment may include involving one on his or her hobbies. These hobbies will differ according to the people and they may include socializing with friends, listening to music, travelling, swimming and playing games among others. Despite all these kind of entertainments available a large number of people largely depend on the internet for entertainment. The internet in fact has its advantages and at the same times its disadvantages. Therefore people should be keen when dealing with internet to ensure gaining but not loosing. The internet has actually resulted to many people forget and loose interest in the mentally entertainment procedures and means. This has resulted from the heavy reliance on the internet (Leung, 206-208). Some of these problems it has actually played a role to their occurrence include the loosing of ability of people to communicate well, causing of loneliness and emotional stress, poor personal relationship, disruption of physical activities and  emerging of immoral behaviors among others. AS a result of the above statements, internet has actually made people to forget how to entertain themselves mentally.

            Many people have actually lost the ability to communicate well with others because their have based all their minds on internet forgetting on those means to communicate and socialize with the rest. This is so because most of the time there are using internet hence no available time to interact with others. They will hence miss the chance to entertain with others either through story sharing or other means. To some extend the reliance on internet also causes emotional stress as well as depression among the users (Lam et al, 552-555). This is because some of the things which might be shared on the platform may sometimes be emotionally or even scaring. This will make them to be emotionally stressed because they might be alone on the platform.  This will make them bored and this can result to negative dealings. Some of the things which can result from this include committing suicide. This may be enhanced by lack of those skills to seek assistance.

            In addition to this the heavy reliance on internet can also result to some health problems. These health problems include obesity. This actually will result due to the fact that most of the time these kinds of people are just relaxing and going through the internet. They will have no time to carry out day to day tasks hence suffering from the disease. The other problem is that people will lack time to have physical activities hence becoming lazy (Griffiths, 213-216). Finally some of those activities which take place in the internet may be immoral hence turning people to being involved in those activities. For instance some things such as pornographic practices and gambling are available on the internet hence spoiling a large number of people especially the youth. This will hence see a generation that is surrounded by evil doing. The internet has also seen a large number of youth engage themselves in drugs. This is so because they term the abusing the drugs as a form of entertainment which is indeed not.


            Internet has actually resulted to the people forget the way to entertain themselves emotionally. This is because of the negative impacts of the internet. People should use internet wisely to avoid falling on its negative side.











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