Amazon clone App. I want to create a secured E-commerce marketplace application for students in my school to be able to sell and buy items. (I want all the basic features of a functioning e-commerce marketplace application like Amazon)

Things I need

Name of Application: Sell it

Code: Expo-reactnative (must be expo) working with Firebase

Design: same color and design of amazon


  • Should have a 2 factor authentication login page and sign-up page
  • During Sign-up the app Should have strong password guidelines(must have upper case, numbers and symbols) and must refuse to accept any password containing their names and “password”.
  • Edit account settings: they should be able to change their current password and email to a new password and email in their account settings(only if they provide their previous passwords and email)
  • Passwords should be (encrypted in the database)
  • A simple logo called sell it
  • Anyone who has an account must be able post an item for sell and also buy an item posted by others
  • Because it is expo react-native, should be able to run on both android and IOS
  • Buyers can contact sellers for more information on product and leave reviews after an item is bought
  • Payment can be made through their PayPal or secured encrypted card payment
  • Sellers must be able post a 1 min video or pictures of the items they need to sell
  • The basic functionalities of an amazon app like shopping basket functions, buyers and view their previous orders etc.
  • Account holders can search for items in the app
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