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For your paper, you must employ deductive reasoning of the form

For your paper, you must employ deductive reasoning of the form modus ponens (if p, then q, p, therefore q) or modus tollens (if p, then q, Not-q, therefore Not-p) to create an argument in support of one of the following claims:

Science demonstrates that belief in God is unreasonable.

Science does not demonstrate that belief in God is unreasonable.

I can reliably distinguish between dreams and being awake.

There is no way to be sure that I can distinguish between dreams and being awake.

I have a non-physical soul.

I am identical to my body.

Structure and Content

The heart of your paper is the argument you are offering in support of the conclusion you’ve chosen for your paper. So, the best papers will adopt something like the following format (with section headings):

I: Introduction

Here in about a paragraph or so, you introduce the paper topic. Here you also give the reader a snapshot of your argument—your conclusion and how you’ll support it (e.g. “I argue that there is no good reason to think we have a nonphysical soul because….).

It’s probably easiest to write the Introduction last.

II: Argument

Here you lay out the premises of your argument and make some comment on the argument’s structure—i.e., how the structure or logical form of your argument is the kind of structure that provides support for the conclusion.

III: Defense of the Premises

Here you give me reasons for thinking that each of the premises of your argument is true.

IV: Response to Objections

Here you present reasons that a thoughtful and intelligent person may have for disagreeing with one or more premises of your argument—be charitable and put their criticism in the strongest possible light. Then, show me why I should believe you and not your objector; that is, provide good criticisms of the objections you’ve raised against your own view.

Due Date :A brief one page summary of the premises and conclusion of your argument is due August 6.

Once approved a Paper to be followed. 2000 words minimum no more than 2200 pages.

Work Cited

MLA style.


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