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Describe and explain the story of Prometheus and Pandora in Theogony, works and days how do these figures represent an etiology? Do you think th (Rumens)e meaning is valuable today? Why or why not?


According to Hesiod’s Theogony, reveals that Prometheus haadstolen fire from heaven to give to the living. However, Zeus, who was known as the king of all the gods, had a different view. He used Hephetheus to fashion a woman out of the earth, and all the gods would grant her their unique gifts. Pandora filled with a jar of evil and misery. Zeus sent her Pandora to Epimetheus who is Promestheu brother. Pandora was made a wife and afterwards opened the jar that contained darkness and pain. However, it revealed that hope alone remained inside since the jar shut down before it escaped. Later in the story, it is revealed that the jar contained blessings reserved for the human race. However, it is revealed that Pandora’s Jar became a box in the sixteenth century.

The story is an important etiological factor among the classic since it reveals how their generations were saved from the anguish of the Gods. Channeling their focus on a woman who used as a revenge strategy for Prometheus. The story is valuable since some of the remains obtained concerning the Pandoras Jar in the 16th century. It was confusing if it was a vessel or a box that had carried the gifts that the gods had bestowed. 


In the theogony, Muses tells Hesiod that they know how to tell believable lies, and when they wish, to speak the ugly truth. Explain what you think this means for the accounts of the gods and the relation to human society. Does the myth speak a believable lie or ugly truth give examples and explain

According to the Theogony, Muses revealed that could tell merely by how they had the speech or the facial expression. These could also be a way to know if one was saying a believable lie or truth. These are true since these gods made in human images. They always fought against themselves due to superiority issues. However, these gods created by the greeksand thus, according to the traditions they had their gifts that would enable them to be regarded among the greek community easily.  Truth-telling is considered to be superior to lying, and this is revealed by Hesiod who agrees with Zeus statement. The kind of voice that Hesiod use in the poetic voice is of high authority. His thinking is conscious. These proved by his ways of settling judgment and disputes in the greek community. Hesiod the narrator of the truth, and that is why he illustrated in the poem shown  “is our to speak the truth in language  plain/ or give the face of truth to what we feign.”


What is the relationship of work to a good life? Possible consideration might be if there is no work at a golden age, is there happiness? Can you know if you are happy in the golden age? How does Enuma Elish depict work for Humanity? How again in genesis


Work is vital in life since one will be able to earn and sustain himselfEnuma Elish is a Babylonian creation myth. Both The Genesis account and the Enum Ekish accounts have many similarities ranging from all illustrating eastern creation account. It also must be revealed that Moses must have used the EnumElish as a background source to illustrate his creation account. However, the two are far different from each other.

As for Enum Elish, it begins with the term when on high, whereas Genesis uses in the beginning term. The second difference both waters are divided into upper water s and the lower pools. The Enum Elish is recorded on seven tablets, whereas the genesis is recorded on seven days. Genesis is regarded as monotheistic, and Enum Elish is polytheistic. Enumelish was a historical context, whereas genesis creates a creation epic. These reveal mythological propaganda to reveal Marduk at the head of Pantheon to exalt the city of Babylon ad praise Hammurabi’s power. However, both of the accounts depict the importance of working in that one need to embrace it as he sustains himself. In both accounts, the almighty is regarded to have worked in order to for humans to live in.  Work is an essential part of our lives, and thus, people need to engage in practice to be productive as proven in genesis God worked for six-day and rested the seventh day. Both accounts embrace wok in that as per the Enum Elish man is created from gods blood to be enslaved by the gods. The sole purpose of the gods was to act like a king to his people, and thus they should abide by the rules as they work for him or her. In this golden age, work is essential for our daily livelihoods.







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