Hong Kong’s preservation and inheritance of traditional culture
It is evident that the experience in Hong Kong preservations involves no coddling information focuses, no course books, no purported “standard response,” understudies are more undesirable and dedicated individuals, don’t have any desire to follow the way others have gotten ready for themselves, will be restricted to a system Developing my autonomy and living in a city could help in finding out with regards to various societies and qualities, expand your perspectives and see various parts of the world.
Section 2. Decision of Major
Chinese Language and Literature: it gives us unmistakable advantages in our lives. Learning Chinese is without a doubt somewhat “pointless,” and “futile” is unequivocally its appeal. Life is based on a wide range of inane bases. Very much like we read a ton of books, after a timeframe to think back and observe that we have failed to remember a great deal, however the most common way of perusing is actually what we really want to grow up. Perusing and learning with non-utilitarianism can assist us with standing up and push ahead when we experience any mishaps and challenges. This is presumably what the Chinese language brings.Chinese is straight forward in demonstrate that understudies concentrating on aesthetic sciences can likewise secure great positions. I found out with regards to a considerable lot of the courses I took when.
Section 3. Had capacities
Benefits: solid compassion, interest in writing, solid memory
Shortcoming: Weak hypothetical information and helpless discretion
Tolerance and versatility: When learning antiquated Chinese, the educator doled out the substance of analysis to clarify that “void” had the importance of “reality” in old occasions.
3.2Joined with their own circumstance, feature their scholarly capacity, like solid appreciation capacity, speedy reaction, quick acknowledgment of new information, sensible reasoning, autonomous advancement, and so forth
3.3 significant learning techniques
1. Their own abstract achievement has been improved partially, and they can see the value in artistic works according to an expert perspective, ace various types of composing strategies, and further develop their language articulation capacity.
2. Have the option to peruse old style writing and expert the essential techniques for writing recovery and information question
3.4 Other related exercises
Before the pestilence, I frequently went disconnected to pay attention to addresses coordinated by the Chinese language and writing major, and paid attention to Professor Dong Xiufang’s talks on the investigation of Chinese jargon and related issues some time back.
3.5 temporary positions or occupations
1. In the School, the environment of Chinese as an unknown dialect study hall was genuinely capable. The temporary position report recorded toward the finish of the temporary position got a phenomenal grade. This entry level position made it simpler for me to experience hypothetical information in my future exploration in my expert field.
2. Instructors’ University Peiyou Institution fills in as a chinese language educator for one year, knows about the current focal point of language subject educating, has a specific comprehension of understudies’ lost articulation and glyphs, and has a specific strategy for dealing with hardship or stress for the defiant brain research and repugnance normal to young adult understudies
3.5 A ton of related hypothetical information is a significant deterrent for me to learn Chinese, in the underlying stage notwithstanding repetition remembrance there could be no other viable learning strategies, in countless recollections and associations for these new information have a specific arrangement, can be joined with their own insight to learn.
When learning present day Chinese, passing judgment on the primary sort of compound words made me befuddled when the models in the books were reasonable, however, passing judgment on the various designs by taking a gander at the organization of morphemes in the sentence was easier.
Section 4. Self-arranging
4.1 I’m familiar with inactive acknowledgment and ingestion of information, and I am more acclimated with the study hall where the instructor rules. It is more predominant in memory and remembrance, yet does not have a specific capacity to think autonomously and dissect issues.
4.2 Groundwork for language capability (IELTS) IN Understand the test design.
4.3 Acquire information and find out about the world. Live better and realize yourself better. Continually learning and looking for information, meeting and associating with better individuals.
Make a period record sheet to record the hour of learning and different things consistently, discover the underlying drivers of not having the option to improve and can’t be changed, deal with your conduct, and better deal with your time.
4.4 vocation objectives
In this high speed and rash society, you can be less utilitarian and truly sink your heart to accomplish something you like. Since I have met instructors who are one-sided against the humanities and sociologies, assuming I was sufficiently lucky to turn into an educator.
Section 5. Customized foundation data by concentrating on abroad, working, imparting, exceptional accomplishments: their own extraordinary encounters

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