*EOS vs. NEO*
EOS and NEO are two a lot of digital tokens that have taken the market by storm. They have generated a lot of chatter among the crypto currency community. This article seeks to help you be better informed by comparing the two coins. At the end of the article you will be able to make an informed choice
*What is EoS?*
EOS.IO is built on the backbone of the cryptocurrency EOS. It is a block chain protocol. This cryptocurrency has all the attributes of a PC machine. It has central processing units (CPUs), Graphic Processing Units, RAM as well as local disk storage. The only difference is that all the computing resources are equally shared among EOS token holders. EOSIO is built on a smart contract platform with a decentralised OS tailor made for mass industry scale scalability. The framework is akin a large corporation that is decentralised. Smart contract platforms render transaction charges irrelevant but also leverage on doing millions of contacts in a second
*Eos coin*
The EOS coin is tailor made to be deployed for large scale applications. Transaction fees are nonexistent. However the individuals who man the network are periodically rewarded with new coins. Effectively inflation replaces transaction fees. The speed of a transaction is increased by use of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPS). The EOS coin is however renowned for its famed sensational ICO. This has not spared the coin from scam accusations.
*Where to buy Eos cryptocurrency*
.The EOS coin is available on nearly all major cryptocurrency exchanges. To exchange fiat currency for EOS, use coinbase. For ordinary token to token exchange, you can use Binance, Changelly, and Bitfinex. To buy EOS using a credit card you need to first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at any fiat exchange, send it to a second coin market that sells EOS in pairs with either Bitcoin or Ethereum
*Eos price prediction*
The future of EOS is bight and promising. In comparison to other coins, EOS is unique in terms of technical specifications and goals of the project. This is exemplified in the fact that during the ICO $4 billion was realized. The price yield of EOS shows a successful coin. The market niche of the coin, coupled with the sophistication of the development team along with the media presence delivered a very strong pitch making the coin a major player in the cryptocurrency industry.to this day, EOS is still an important coin. The coin however is still market dependent for its price alongside Bitcoins popularity. Although the coin has attained a secure position as one of the leading cryptocurrencies, the price of EOS follows the overall market. It is a favored coin by large institutional investors. That notwithstanding, the EOS price prediction displays a coin with a huge potential for investors with a lot of potential in terms of price and features it presents.
*Eos wallet*
EOS began as an ERC20 token riding on the Ethereum blockchain. But ever since it’s launched its mainnet it has become autonomous entity. The community becomes confused during token swaps with the issue being where to store the coins. Lumi wallet has become one of the greatest supporters of EOS since the token swap took place. It is estimate about 90% of users do not have a backup for their private keys and in most cases they forget the paraphrase. To mitigate against this, freewallet was created to secure EOS wallets. Another wallet is infinito wallet that allows users to explore fully the potential of the coins they hold. Infinito also intends to establish an ecosystem of blockchain services. It will have exchanges, ID/KYC solutions among others. ImplEOS was created purposefully for the EOS system. It has user interfaces for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms making g it a wallet of majority choice on the EOS platform. This wallet by EOS Rio is built on the basis of transparency and security. ImToken is the most popular Ethereum wallet world over. It has an estimated 6M users who account for 10% of all Ethereum transactions. Not a mean fete.
*What is NEO?*
The neo coin is often referred to as the Chinese or Eastern Ethereum. Both platforms have alike functionalities and similar earning opportunities among digital coins. NEO is a formidable opponent to the more promoted Ethereum. This project by Da Hongfei from china was launched in the third quarter of 2016. It received a warm reception in china with local and institutional investors in china expressing strong confidence in it. The price of the coin is lackluster but this is against the backdrop of a depressed currency market. The NEO coin is ranked 2Oth amongst all cryptocurrencies
*Neo price prediction*
Neo Price prediction for the rest of 2019 and 2020 outlook is largely influenced by the general coin market. Specific actions by the development team can have effect in the price too. The more they actively support the project, the more members who are roped in, the more widely it will be accepted and the more financially stable it will be and these will reflect on the technological base. Thomas lee a crypto analyst has previously predicted bitcoins accurately. At the moment he has recommended three currencies, ETH, ETC, and NEO. Lee has predicted NERO to rise to $225 in 2019.
Analysts at the APECON Economic Forecasting Agency f NEO stagnation will continue for another two years and expect growth no earlier than 2021. Their forecast for December 2019 is $5.13-5.91, which is 38% less than the current figures. They forecast a return to the level of $10 by August 2021, $20 – only by September 2022. Smartarium platform predicts an incredible rise in NEO prices. Experts say that by 2025 the price of the coin will be $1,275. Being Crypto website analysts say that by the end of 2019, the price of NEO will reach $120. According to the source, the price will rise to $200 in 2020.
*Neo wallet *

The neo wallet is a desk top application that facilitates ledgers to store neo alongside NEP-5 tokens. The neo software wallet enables ledger user to claim GAS tokens. This is a crypto asset generated passively by holding on to neo and it replaces transaction fees on neo platform. The neo wallet allows user engage in token sales
*Neo vs. Eos*
Having defined the two coins lets us compare the two coins. We shall examine their similarities and differences
* Similarities*
There are so many similarities between EOS vs. NEO. Both platforms try outdoing Ethereum, vision, scalability, economy, decentralization and lastly, adoption.
We shall explain each below.
The vision of both coins is to come up with a friendly blockchain that will form the foundation of the smart economy. Bitcoins intend to deploy high-performance computing to advance consensus while using algorithms blockchain to solve any problems encountered. Both operate on platforms that users should not be charged transactional fees. They both want to operate large scale commercial applications
Both coins have always been the fastest in speed and scalability when compared to other similar projects. Both platforms can theoretical have am output of more than 10,000 transactions per second
Across both blockchain platforms, transaction fees have been abolished for ordinary users. The cost of the transactions is borne by the businesses. Businesses joining both networks encounter an upstart cost before accessing a key to the ecosystem
Both platforms are enjoying unprecedented adoption by the crypto community. They have a very large following. China has been tightening the noose around cryptocurrencies both the government has looked at NEO favorably. This has led to exponential growth and adoption of neo.
*NEO vs. EOS – Differences*
*Transaction Speed*
NEO alleges it can handle 10, 000 tps but realistic estimates put it at below 400 tps while EOS allege they can handle 3,996 tps, but realistic estimates put it at 50 tps.
NEO is backed by Chinese government and large corporations WINGS, Alibaba, and Microsoft while EOS is an American-led project, but with no backing from the US government. Still, PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel supported the project before the $4 billion ICO
*Direction platforms *
Neo sees its future in supporting a smart economy by giving real-world assets unique digital marker to identify them as well as smart contracts. Eos on the other hand sees its future in deploying bock chain the with higher scalability, flexibility and usability
*EOS vs. NEO – Which Is Better?*

The future for both coins is promising, that goes without saying. It is difficult to choose one project over the other because they are almost similar. Both platforms can process transactions speedily, develop dApps as well as support smart contracts. Both currencies are yet to reach their potentials and the future couldn’t be better poised for both of them
*Which Should You Buy? *
The decision to buy digital assets remains to be yours. We can only extrapolate the information. We are of the opinion both coins are a good investment. The best advice we can give is buy into both coins for two reasons, build a diversified long-term portfolio and spreading the risk. The two coins complement each other largely because each has gained wide acceptance in their respective regions

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