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Subject: Mandatory Training on New Government Regulation

Hello, it is a great pleasure that this message finds you well. First, is to appreciate the way you have been working hard towards the success of the company. Due to your full attention to the participation to achieve the vision of the company, the company has seen an increase in market share and recommendable customer care and thus retaining the old customers and attracting new ones. Your hard work cannot go unnoticed and the boss is pleased about your hard work. Keep up the zeal.

Away from that, this message is to inform staff about a new mandatory training session that will be taking place in the company. The training seasons are about new government regulations that are affecting company’s services (Mpofu & Hlatywayo, 2015). The reason as to why the company has to conduct these mandatory training sessions is because the legislation has mandated. The legislation insists that a company should educate its employees on the laws and regulation on policies and control that affects the company or its function.

The training sessions on new government regulation is essential because it ensures proper governance of the company and prevents poor conduct. Also, it helps to lessen risk, maintain the firm’s reputation and provides an improved environment for the company’s staff to work in benefiting productivity (Fichtenbauer, 2014). Another objective of the training sessions is to create an account of training completion, which in this case is meeting the standards and requirements such as completing the assigned hours for the courses or passing a test.

For these reasons, the executive management of the company has insisted that the training sessions are mandatory to the employees for their benefit as well as for the benefit of the company. I am looking forward to your participation during this crucial process.

Thank you,



Bigster Corporation



Fichtenbauer, C. (2014). Creating Shared Value. Creating Shared Value, 11-19. doi:10.1007/978-3-658-07984-0_3

Mpofu, M., & Hlatywayo, C. K. (2015). Training and development as a tool for improving basic service delivery; the case of a selected municipality. Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, 20(39), 133-136. doi:10.1016/j.jefas.2015.10.004


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