Dyslexia is a disorder in the wide field of Special Education. However, not being an extreme mental impairment, there are quite a few setbacks and obstacles faced for those suffering from Dyslexia (Martinelli, 2019). Approximately 70-80% of people with reading difficulties, in the United States alone, have some form of Dyslexia (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). Dyslexia is the most common of these language-based learning disabilities. Dyslexia is the classification name that involves difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols. This disability or in other words, disorder does not affect general or mental intelligence. Additionally, Dyslexia does not affect the class placement of a child, they are in regular classrooms with checkups with the educators assigned to them (Martinelli, 2019).
Review of Literature
Within the school system, children suffering from any of the learning disabilities have a group of educators assigned to help, guide and watch over the student during the school year (Martinelli, 2019). Sadly, there isn’t always programs in all schools for just Dyslexia or educators who work with Dyslexia. Therefore, children might have to look for help outside of school. Educators in school can include School Psychologist, the person who helps diagnose students with disabilities and disorders, Intervention Specialist Team (S I T), the group who meets with the student to go over how the disability is affecting school and Certified Academic Language Therapist, able to help teach sounds and language recognition (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). Some outside providers include Children’s Dyslexia Centers, private tutors, Instructional programs, reading/speech specialist, and language professionals
Furthermore, these educators have the professionalism here to help these children overcome obstacles and challenges brought about by Dyslexia (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). This can include things and actions ranging from mere simple to complex. Simple means everyday things like reading a sign or how to write your name or as complex as taking the state exams or reading a book. There are many obstacles to be faced including, lower reading level, difficulty taking tests or worksheets, reading, spelling words, and sounds (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). As well as, lack of interests in subjects, difficulty understanding numbers, and text. It can be hard to spell words and children will commonly write backwards. Organizing in a readily or smooth fashion and following instructions are obstacles faced daily (Martinelli, 2019). All of these are just a few out of the many problems faced by people diagnosed with Dyslexia.
Now, there are accommodation that can help those with Dyslexia. Simples things (at low cost) includes school supplies like, highlighters, calculators and magnifying lens (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). Or software/ technology-based things like, index card to follow of text, enlarging print, and using-Deficit/ Hyper spellcheck. On the high tech or high cost side, though all have the possibility of being very beneficial, speech to print, print to speech software, technologies, programs to practice fluency, computer programs to assist in organizing ideas, feed-back on writing in real-time, and word prediction software (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019).
Concluding Remarks
Although, there are many accommodations there are no modifications for those with Dyslexia. Unless, it is co-joined by another disorder/disability like ADHD. Dyslexia is a disability that does not affect mental intelligence but can refrain people from their capabilities when not perfectly treated or worked with to improve.

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