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Do my Research Argument Essay

Researched Argument Essay
OBJECTIVE: Write an argument essay that accurately portrays your side of an argument and
attempts to persuade a neutral audience to side one way. The goal is to create an ethical
and compelling argument with detailed appeals to Logos, Pathos, and Ethos and
support from research and sources.
TOPIC OF RESEARCH ARGUMENT ESSAY: Select a controversial topic that impacts your community or your daily life in some way and narrow it down for the scope of a smaller essay. Avoid Google searching “argument paper topics” but instead think about something in your life that you would like to change or make better. See page two for topics to avoid and suggestions from the instructor!
SOURCES / RESEARCH argument essay: For this this essay, conduct research and find at least two (2)
sources that are cited both on the Works Cited page and with at least one parenthetical in-text citation in the body of the paper.


Use MLA (8th edition) to give credit to outside ideas including listing all sources on the Works Cited page and using in-text citations at the end of every sentence with source information paraphrased or exact source phrases in quotation marks. All papers must include in-text citations AND a works cited page to receive ANY points. Any plagiarism in the paper will result in the paper being returned to the student for revisions!
INTRODUCTION: Do not argue in your introduction. Instead be objective and present numerous sides of the argument and end your introduction with a thesis statement that clearly indicates the position you will defend. Make sure your thesis statement is debatable; it should contain a position that has at least two sides. Complete this research argument essay.


Body paragraphs should be focused on a subtopic that connects and supports the paper’s thesis statement. Use evidence, logic, details, and well cited source information to develop and support each body paragraph subtopic. Avoid organizing body paragraphs by summarizing each source and use a variety of sources in each body paragraph for a rigorous discussion. Begin with a topic sentences that establishes your subtopic and ends with a concluding thought about the subtopic. Incorporate some of the counterarguments or opinions that disagree with your stance and address those issues for your readers.
CONCLUSION: Do not introduce new arguments or subtopics in the conclusion. Instead
review the main points of each body paragraph, restate the thesis (worded differently) for
readers, and make a bold final sentence that leaves a lasting impression on readers. Consider
ending with an action like changing their perspective, doing their own research, or voting a
certain way in the future.


 Length Requirement: min. 525 words and max. 800
 Typed and double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman or Arial font
 One-inch margins on all sides of your paper
 Include your name, date, course at the top left of page 1 only
 Create a fun and creative essay title and center before the introduction paragraph
Topics Too Broad, Too Polarized, or Too Big for a Short Essay:
 Abortion
 Bullying
 Climate Change
 Death Penalty
 Divorce
 Gay Marriage
 Gun Control
 Marijuana Legalization
 Obesity or Diets
 School Uniforms
 Teen Pregnancy
 Vaccinations
Suggested Topics (feel free to use any of these)
A change in the way society views:
 Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment
 Math or Writing Anxiety
 Medical Marijuana Patients
 Mental Health Care and Treatment
 Money and/or Spending
 Religion in Public Schools
 Self-Care, Sleep, or Relaxation
 Sex Education
 Value ‘Blue Collar’ and Technical Careers
 Video Gaming
A change to current laws or regulation:
 Cyberbullies and Trolls
 Federal Scheduling of Marijuana
 For-Profit Health Insurance Companies
 Limit Amount of Standardized Testing
 Military to Civilian Transition Support Programs
 Protect or Punish Sex Workers?
 Provide Financial Literacy Education
 Paid Maternal and Paternal Leave
 Solitary Confinement in Jails and Prisons
 Workplace Sexual Assault and Harassment Policies


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