Discussion paper


Discussion 1
The damage made to Amazon by the article was extensive. The company should have taken specific measures that would have anticipated such eventualities occurring. These measures are viz; i) establishing an issue management program. This would have enabled the company to actively check on the faults that can be used to target their reputation, ii) maintaining communications through public relations departments, iii) Using the media to illuminate the company’s strengths and promote the good public relations record.
As a leader for the Amazon communication department, there are some critical steps and implementations, I would have put in place to ensure no strikes engagements came about. These suggested implementations would be; promoting an environment of rationality within the company and outside the premises that would show the concern of the company to the employees; employing the use of communication channels as informative sources that provides information purposely for investigation and not prejudgment and finally ,engage the management in open forums that allow the employees to contribute their own opinions driven on innovating the company and creating a good public record.
Discussion 2
In both the cases presented for the discussion, both Yahoo and Home depot executives took responsibility for the breaches and informed the public. The management set-up new security systems and encrypted users data gave, prompting more customized service to personalized information. This strategies helped both companies to buy time to improve their security systems better and be able to engage their users by providing incentives and protection. The effectiveness of these strategies was the aspect of communications and the use of professional talents. This was through the contribution of ideas and sharing information about the public to ensure continued engagements.
Yahoo engaged improvement of data security services, this was through creation of personalized prompts to the users. Home Depot Company on the other hand created a system to collect customer feedback on the issue and provided deposits to customers’ accounts to ensure continuity while the issue was resolved. Home Depot Company was particularly better at communication since they did not offer falsified or coated informational the public as compared to yahoo who provisions insincere data at the beginning. Both companies were in line to dire consequences I regards of public relations as the users of the services lost trust with their security protocols. Furthermore, the fear for such breaches inviting again would extensively affect new entries into their companies’ services.

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